Previous Years (Past) Papers for IAS Mains Electrical Engineering Optional-2016

View & download complete set of previous years (past) papers for IAS Mains Electrical Engineering Optional-2015. Examrace has the largest and most complete series of question papers for IAS Mains Electrical Engineering Optional

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    This post is in response to a slightly tricky syllogism question mentioned as youtube comment on this video, the types of which have been asked recently in several competitive examinations. Here the conclusion deviate from the normal. Let us… (232 more words) …

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    Numerous IAS Aspirants have mastered syllogism problems (logical reasoning) through the four free youtube videos at Examrace Channel. Every single syllogism problem can be solved using the Venn Diagram technique discussed in these videos. Without learning the systematic techniques, syllogism… (365 more words) …

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