Objective and Practice Questions for Geography

Objective type & multiple choice questions on Geography for interview and Admission Tests preparation.

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    UPSC Mains result for the examination held from 14th to 20th December 2014 has been released. The selected candidates are invited for personality interview which will commence starting 27th April 2015. Personality Tests will be held in the Office of

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    CBSE NET exmaination will be conducted by CBSE on 28th June 2015. The forms can be filled online starting Thrusday - 16th April 2015 and the last date to fill the forms is 15th May 2015. Last date of submission

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    GATE - one of the most prestigious and life-changing exam a future engineer have to sit through. The scores you get in GATE can completely change your career goals. Maybe that is why students start preparing for the exam since

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    Many students in India who take AP Exams are self-study students, i.e. they aren’t studying the related AP course in school, but still want to take an AP Exam and benefit from it. Taking an AP Exam after self-study requires

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