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Mabmud of Ghazni

detaild map of Mabmud of Ghazni empire

Mabmud of Ghazni

detaild map of Mabmud of Ghazni empire

  • He belonged to Yamini Dynasty.

  • He ascended the throne of Ghazni in 998 A.D

  • He had fought against Jaypala of Hindushahi dynasty under his father.

  • In 1000 A.D he led the first expedition to India

  • His first expedition was against Peshawar, in which he defeated Hindushahi king Jaypala at Waihind

  • He led 17 expeditions in India.

  • His first expedition was against Peshawar, in which he defeated Hindu Shahi king Jayapala at Waihind.

  • In second and third expedition, he defeated the king of Multan Biji Rai between

  • 1002-1004 AD

  • In his fourth expedition, 1005-1006 AD, he defeated Abdul Fateh Daud of Multan.

  • In fifth expedition, 1007-1008, he led expedition against Kashmir and defeated Nawasa Shah.

  • The sixth expedition was against Anandpala in 1008 AD who had succeeded Jayapala of Hindu Shahi dynasty. This battle is popularly known as battle of Waihind (near Peshawar).

  • The seventh expedition was against Narainpur in Alwar district of Rajasthan in

  • 1009 AD when he defeated king Narayan.

  • In his eighth expedition in 1010 AD he annexed Multan against Daud due to the growing menace of the Islami Sect

  • In his ninth expedition in 1011 AD, he plundered Thaneshwar, and Anandpala died in 1012 AD

  • In his tenth and eleventh expedition in 1012-13 AD, he defeated the Anandapala's successor Trilochanpala and annexed the Hindu Shahi dynasty.

  • In the twelfth expedition of 1015-16 AD, he annexed Kashmir.

  • In his thirteenth expedition of 1018 AD, he looted Kanauj and Mathura. King Kulachand of Mathura committed suicide.

  • The fourteenth expedition occurred in 1020-21 AD in which he defeated and killed Pratihara king Rajyapala.

  • In the fifteenth expedition, he defeated Trilochanpala of Hindu Shahi dynasty.

  • The sixteenth expedition occurred in 1021-22 AD in which he attacked Gwalior, Kalinjar and Chandella king Vidyadhar.

  • In the seventeenth expedition in 1025 AD, he plundered Somnath temple. The Chalukya king Bhima fled.

  • He died in 1030 A.D

  • He is called 'Father of Persian Renaissance'

  • Firdausi's Shahnama was completed under him.

  • Al-beruni, the writer of Tarikh -i - Hind accompanied him during his expeditions.

Mohammad Ghori

Detailed Map of Mohammad Ghori empire

Mohammad Ghori

Detailed Map of Mohammad Ghori empire

  • He first came through Gomal Pass but was defeated by Mulraja II (The Chalukya king of Gujarat).

  • Second time he came through Khyber Pass and captured Punjab.

  • In his third expedition he fought the first Battle of Tarain in 1191 A.D with Prithviraj III of Chauhana dynasty. He was defeated in this battle.

  • The bone of contention between them was rival's

  • claims for Tabarhinda (Bhatinda)

  • In second Battle of Tarain 1192 A.D he defeated Prithviraj Chauhan.

  • Qutubuddin Aibak, Bakhtiyar Khalji., and Yalduz were his main commanders.

  • Bakhtiyar Khalji destroyed Nalanda and Vikramshila University and defeated Lakshmian Sena of Bengal.

  • After the death of Mohammad Ghori, Aibak ascended the throne in 1206.