ACET Reasoning Sample Paper 11

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Directions (88________ 90) : In the following questions there is an error in the one part of each sentence. Choose that part.

Q. A towny man

(A) / gets

(B) /a lot of

(C) / comforts

(D) More much

Answer: A

Q. Standing

(A) / on the roof

(B) /helicopter

(C) / flew over me

(D) / on terrace

Answer: A

Q. A motor car which

(A) / Weighs less then

(B) / two tons may be

(C) driven across the bridge

(D) Average

Answer: B

Directions (91 ________95) Fill In the blanks with appropriate words.

Q. A third world – will destroy everything

A. Fight

B. Battle

C. War

D. Avenge

Answer: C

Q. He accepted with thanks some humble presents? Me.

A. of

B. From

C. With

D. By

Answer: B

Q. Education helps us? Ourselves to even unfavorable circumstances.

A. Adapt

B. Adept

C. Adopt

D. Except

Answer: A

Q. Several goats were sacrificed at the?

A. Altar

B. Altar

C. Allusion

D. Illusion

Answer: B

Q. The news is too good? Be credible

A. To

B. For

C. Than

D. With

Answer: A

Q. The antonym of the word ′ crude is

A. Dear

B. Refined

C. Shallow

D. Wild

Answer: B

Q. The synonym of the word ′ sparked is

A. Flickered

B. flashed

C. Enlivened

D. Provoked

Answer: B

Q. lf 32 = 2X then X = ?

A. 15

B. 4

C. 5

D. 8

Answer: C

Q. Fill in the next number in the series.


A. 18

B. 17

C. 19

D. 16

Answer: B

Q. lf time difference at two places is 2 hours is 20 minutes, what will be the longitude?

(A) 450

(B) 350

(C) 300

(D) 150

Answer: B

Q. Selling price of 10 tables is equal to cost price of 9 fables. Find profit or loss percentage?

(A) 10 % Loss

(B) 10 % Loss

(C) 20 % Loss

(D) 20 % Profit

Answer: A