Actuarial Common Entrance Test (ACET) Background and Structure

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Institute of Actuaries of India had started conducting its Entrance Exam which is ACET from January 2012. There is a change in the structure of ACET examination with effect from 16th July 2019 would be as under:

Structure of ACET Examination

1. ACET is a 3 hour, 100 marks online exam which has 70 multiple choice questions with one correct answer for each question 2. The distribution of questions will be: a. 45 questions – 1 mark each b. 20 questions – 2 marks each c. 05 questions – 3 marks each 3. After successful registration, students will be able to download the sample question paper for the examination. However, the names of the reference books are available under ACET syllabus tab for the students. 4. The Allocation of Marks will be as under: a. Mathematics - 30 marks b. Statistics - 30 marks c. Data Interpretation - 15 marks d. English - 15 marks e. Logical Reasoning - 10 marks 5. ACET will be conducted in 24 exam centres in India. 6. ACET will be conducted in a single day with one slot. 7. There will not be any negative marking for incorrect answers. 8. The Pass mark for ACET Examination is 50 % .

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