ACT Exam List of Allowed & Forbidden Items

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List of Permitted Items

List of items to be carried on test day is as under:

  • It is vital to carry test center admission ticket, without which the student won՚t be allowed to take the test.
  • Current Identification proof (a driver՚s license or current passport) , without which the admission of student will not be permitted.
  • Soft-lead no. 2 pencils with erasers (no pens or mechanical pencils are allowed)
  • Watch in order to accurately time oneself
  • Calculator (only the permitted ones) for the mathematics exam is required.

It is better if the stuff is packed a night prior to exam.

List of Forbidden Items

Along with the items which have to be carried along, there are also specific items which shouldn՚t be carried on test day. The following list, while not all-inclusive, covers the majority of items specifically forbidden for students to have with them during the ACT exams:

  • Food or drink (including water)
  • Books, including dictionaries
  • Notes
  • Scratch paper or other aids
  • Highlighters
  • Colored pens or pencils
  • Correction fluid
  • Any electronic device other than permitted calculators (examples include timer, cell phone, media player, PDA, headphones, camera)
  • Reading material
  • Tobacco (of any form)

Students shouldn՚t carry any other item except than specified in the above list.

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