Tips for ACT Examination

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Those students who face difficulty in preparing for ACT would find this section very useful.

Do՚s and Dont՚s for the Exam and Success Secrets

  • Atleast six months study is required before the ACT exam to get success.
  • Solve all the questions of test diction and reading comprehension skills in the verbal section to get the hold of the portion.
  • Increased vocabulary is essential for the exam. For this, reading newspapers, novels, watching English movies will prove to be quiet beneficial. Also refer dictionary for unfamiliar words
  • The new learnt vocabulary should be inculcated in your every day vocabulary.
  • To remember a new word, make a habit of noting that word along with its meaning in a small diary.
  • Make sentences with those words so as to comprehend their usage better.
  • The diary should be kept handy so that whenever you get short time intervals, you can go through it and it can be kept afresh in memory.
  • Divide your time wisely and equally for all subjects.
  • Revise and re-revise group of words instead of single word. This will sharpen the memory power.
  • Learn prefixes, suffixes and root meanings.
  • Focus on the writing skills for the writing section in the ACT test exam.
  • Keep on practising Logic puzzles to get a firm grip on it.
  • ACT is known to test logical reasoning skills of a candidate. Purchase logic puzzle books from bookstores and practice on an everyday basis
  • Solve analogies by forming a link between the two given words.
  • Though not necessary, but carry your calculator at the time of mathematics test so as to save some time for cross checking answers quickly.
  • Have confidence in yourselves.
  • Remember hard work is the key to success. There is no shortcut to success.

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