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Constant demand to excel and be the best among the peers has reached its zenith as the world is progressing ahead. Anything less than the best is simply not acceptable and it is as good as worst. The yardstick to measure the success barometer is not the happiness that the person derives while doing something, but the expensive car that he possesses and the paycheque that he gets. No one cares about the consequences that take place while in a rush to achieve this, but the final result that is required is this, else you are thrown out of the society. Had a chance been given to the child to enjoy his freedom, he might himself create opportunities for himself, relieve himself from stress and ultimately a nation would get the youth which is productive and able.

Schools try to release the stress of the students by adding some hobby activities but even this is taken as curriculum and students cannot find the inner ability which they possess, thereby rushing towards the same crowd. In case, the school provides options among the classes, most students prefer to take up the class which requires more skill and ability as finally, it is the image that you create in front of the society that matters. Tiny tots are given stress from their tender age to formm and shape up their careers.

As soon as a student completes his school, he finds lingering in the world of questions clueless of the answers. The stress of selecting the career line, subject, college rolls about in his mind day and night making him stressed out at the end of the day. However this problem can be solved if an extra year of study is given to him for study. As he ages a year older, he himself can decide what is better for him as a career and will be able to balance himself mentally.

Time today is flying. Man has become machine living among them. He has no time to relax, to relieve himself from tensions and stress, no time for family, no time to spend with nature. Being in this, even if a man tries to find some time for himself and rest, he is labled as being lazy and worthless. Is this what we aspire to become? People have become so workoholic that they have waived out their emotions for family and society. However this is not what the society wants. It requires change.

To overcome this and let youth enjoy their work and education thoroughly, a single year of extra study is always a good option. He will be able to relax himself, make better decisions for himself, get time to discover his inner potential, which would ultimately lead him to a better life with happiness in it.

Explanation About Scoring on this Writing Prompt

This essay talks about extending one year of study in high school so that the student gets enough time to reach and make himself ready to fulfill the needs posed by the society.

The essay demonstrates the complex life structure of youth in which he almost has no time. And if he tries to find time for himself, he is labled vaguely. Hence the essay puts light on the present condition and tries to find a solution for the same, without affecting or criticising the demands of the society.

Development of ideas is specific and logical. The essay states the general scenario which every teenager faces during his phase of teens. The essay moves from the general scenario to the criticism of the thought of society as it forces the student to shape up his career at a tender age.

The essay has a simple and logical structural organization. The ideas keep on the track of the topic. Ideas are well crafted as they are systematically and thoughtfully woven with each other, instead of just spreading the ideas here and there. Language use in the essay is clear and to the point. Moreover use of some vocabulary has been done in a appropriate manner along with good sentence formation.

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