Deciding Whether You Are Suitable for ACT 2021

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Pick a test that best suits your skills and test-taking strengths, rather than just choosing ACT or SAT at random. Take a timed practice version of each test to find which one they՚re more comfortable with and which one might give them the best score. There is usually more emphasis on both tests, so picking any test is an equally good option. College Board (SAT) and ACT Inc. Provide official practice tests and these are most efficient way to get high score. ACT is shorter and easier test than the SAT, however, it is best to take a practice test for both the SAT and ACT and go for the test that will give best results.

If you like math, then ACT is a choice. Math section on the ACT offers more challenging problems than those on the SAT. SAT try to trick students with decent wording in its simpler math questions, ACT tests requires harder material and deeper knowledge. Act has 4 trigonometry questions & higher degree of concentration of intermediate algebra questions. ACT does not directly test vocabulary like SAT-Strong vocabulary is must for the reading sections, but not required for a good score.

Science labs are deciding factors-Unlike SAT, ACT has a science reasoning section. Working knowledge of and awareness with scientific concepts can help you score good in ACT, most questions require analyzing the graphs and data to draw conclusions. While simply reading these questions carefully, evaluate the data closely and not just any superficial information. The time limit is a major hurdle in science section. Those who have had success on the test advise students not to spend too much time dissecting the scientific data or graphs. Go to the questions and refer to the information as required.

Practicing numerous tests is the key. Practice makes a man perfect. Schools sometimes don՚t provide their students with ACT prep questions as part of classwork similar to they do for SAT, so it՚s important to familiarize yourself with the subtle differences in question style and format by practicing that will proves beneficial.

don՚t leave questions unanswered. ACT has no negative marking for getting a question incorrect. SAT՚s negative marking is in place in order to keep students away from relying on guessing. Experts believe working through each section in its entirety is a key, leaving questions that prove to be complicated. Return to those questions when you are done with complete section or skip those only if you have no time left and are still confused.

Read the directions and instructions properly with lots and lots of practice. Because there are only 4 sections, learning what to expect from each type of problem comes by itself. there՚s no need to spend precious minutes reading the descriptions at start of each section and will involve additional time to solve tougher questions. Risky strategy is there but it could pay off if you practice enough before the test and is useful for slow learning candidates.

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