Subject Wise Tips for ACT 2021

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Taking the ACT: Basic Tips

  • Do not rely on last minute study as it will create confusions only.
  • Take a proper night rest before the examination.
  • Check out all rules, instructions, directions and questions.
  • In case of one skipped word or even instruction could result in an incorrect answer, it must be avoided.
  • Target questions with easy answers and then move to the hard ones.
  • Answer all the questions and guess if you aren՚t sure about any question as there is no negative marking for guessing in ACT.

Subject-Wise Tips for ACT English

  • Read the entire sentence very minutely before starting to solve the paper
  • Reading quickly or in hurry can lead to mistakes.
  • Check out four fundamental grammar errors mainly: Subject-verb disagreement, pronoun errors, sentence structure issues and readability problems (wrong idioms, wordiness or any kind of awkward phrasing) .
  • For reading section, make notes as you read, chalk out main ideas and the connections among the ideas/hints.
  • For writing section, follow standard essay format, give brief introduction with three or four main body paragraphs that are having connected ideas and lastly a conclusion.

Subject-Wise Tips for ACT Mathematics

  • Draw neat and clean diagrams, if none exist to help you imagine the problem.
  • The answers are absolute, so if one seems right but doesn՚t quite fit, then either it՚s incorrect or there՚s a part you aren՚t able to analyze.
  • For MCQs, try to find numbers from the answer choices into the variables in the question to solve it.
  • Begin with the answer choice that՚s in center of all others; if it՚s wrong explain whether the right answer is greater or smaller.

Subject-Wise Tips for ACT Science

  • Preview, read as well as review.
  • Analyze the relationships between variables.
  • Understand trends in data.
  • don՚t get confused in the web of technical jargons.

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