What to Do on the Test Day of ACT

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On the day of ACT Test, the student has to arrive well before his start time of exam, generally 8 AM except for special cases or test center practice in some areas. The student has to produce a valid identification proof along with his admission ticket to take the test. Without the valid proofs, the student won՚t be allowed to take the test. After the proofs have been verified, the student will be shown to his test room and his assigned seat number where he will be provided with the testing materials. At the designated time, the test will commence.

A break will be given to the students after two exams. The students can relax during that time period. However no mobile phones or eatables are allowed to be brought back to the test room. The test resumes after the break. The students who will be taking test of four subjects will be allowed to leave the centre premises after approximately four hours and fifteen minutes depending on length of break. However for the students who will be taking the essay writing test, will be granted another break after the last multiple-choice exam to relax before the essay begins. Before the student leaves the test centre, he is expected to inform the center personnel whether he wants his test to be scored. In absence of any information to the personnel, all tests attempted will be scored.

After the results are prepared, the score reports are sent to the schools which had been listed on the registration packet by the candidate. The candidates can view and review composite scores, individual exam scores and subscores, as well as the student information and interest data provided at registration independently. However, each score report corresponds to only one testing date. i.e.. . If a student takes the ACT exam set twice but designates his high school as a recipient only on the second set, the school will only receive the most recent score report.

ACT does not combine scores of tests taken at different times. Each test date has its own report, although students can send multiple test date results to the same school if they wish. It is observed that the ACT scores rise up on the second attempt, hence the student should prefer a second attempt, in case he is not satisfied with his initial scores.

Students who appear for ACT Plus Writing exam set, have comments regarding the essay also included in the score report. They also can see the image of their essay online. This is beneficial element for the students. This can be viewed upto a year till the student has graduated from high school. Even the schools who has been the recipient of the score cards are granted access to view the online image of the essay without any charges.

Apart from these services which are provided to the student, the student can also choose to remove their scores from the records, in case they do not wish to display it. However for the permanant removal of records, the application is to be given in writing. ACT will then send a printed form to the student that needs to be filled out and returned. To begin this process, students must send a letter requesting the score removal to ACT Records.

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