ACT Test-Taking Tips: How to Answer Multiple-Choice Questions

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ACT Test-Taking Tips: How to Answer Multiple-Choice Questions

Strategy for multiple-choice questions

  • Read the entire question
  • Anticipate the answer
  • Focus on key terms or concepts, highlighting or underlining as needed/if possible
  • Eliminate clearly wrong answers
  • Consider all possible answers

Remember, there is no guessing penalty on the ACT, so you should always make your best guess at an answer, especially if you՚re able to eliminate any incorrect options!

Remember, There is No Guessing Penalty on the ACT, So You Should Always Make Your Best Guess at an Answer, Especially if You՚re Able to Eliminate Any Incorrect Options!
How to spot incorrect answer optionsHow to spot correct answer options
  • Very similar to other answer options
  • Off-topic
  • Contains qualifiers (e. g. sometime, often, perhaps, may, generally, usually) or absolutes (e. g. always, never, not, only)
  • Longer or more detailed than others
  • Worded similarly to the question