Understanding the Difference: ACT vs SAT

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What is the basic difference between ACT and SAT. How to decide whether to go for ACT and SAT? It is simple, all is based on your personal skills. Judge yourselves, whether you are good at science or writing, do you enjoy difficult maths or you are ok with simple maths questions.

In this table you will get a detailed explanation on the major points of differences between ACT and SAT.

Questions are simple with clear and unambiguous language. Questions are very easier to understand at the first sight.You have to spend a lot of time finding out what youีšre being asked before you can start solving the problem
Sample question-In your view, should high schools become more tolerant of cheating?Sample question-What is your opinion about the claim that something unsuccessful can still have some value?
There is no strong focus on vocabularyHas strongly focused on vocabulary.
There is a science section.There is no science section. If you have science phobia, SAT is good option.
It has more advanced maths concepts. Along with basic arithmetic, algebra I and II, and geometry, there is trigonometry, too.SAT just has with basic arithmetic, algebra I and II, and geometry.
ACT Writing Test is optional on test day, but required by many schools. It is not covered in composite score but would be listed separately.25-minute SAT essay is required and is factored into your writing score.
You can handle each content area (English, Maths, Reading and Science) in one big chunk, with the optional writing test at the end.The SAT is broken up into more sections. Content areas (Critical Reading, Maths and Writing) are broken up into 10 sections, with the desired essay at the beginning.

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