Why Take the ACT?

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In general, there are four primary reasons why the ACT is recommended for college-bound students.

  1. The primary reason to take ACT test is that it is accepted as a college qualifying exam by the USA collegiate system. This naturally includes the Ivy League universities, the prestigious University of California system, and individual world-renowned schools like Carnegie Mellon, Caltech and MIT.
  2. ACT is more of a judging test than a threatening experience of exam to a student. As the course content is only what the student has learnt till that point, he feels ease to appear for that exam.
  3. After you give the exam, services such as an inventory of interests and a student profile section, are provided to you which will be useful in future to define a student՚s background and future plans for college admission officials. The ACT may even help you to get an online college degree.
  4. Cost-benefit ratio as in regards with fees of the ACT, is very low as compared to the other collegiate admission exams. This provides more access of students to this exam rather than taking other ones. The cost is low as the test is administered by a private non-profit corporation. Also, when combined with the service package offered with the ACT, the cost-benefit ratio tilts more favorably to students.

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