ACT Essay: Self Introspection

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This piece of writing is dedicated to all those who want to progress in life and discover new prospects … Not about anyone else, but regarding themselves only.

First of all let me clear a myth about introspection. It is unlike meditation which means union with God. It is rather union of a person with his own soul.

Being a Virgo I tend to criticize others but that does not mean I can stand censure myself. it՚s not the case with me only. Rather it՚s a universal truth. So here is a question to everyone. Why is it so? Why do we fear to face ourselves?

In our free time, we chat with our friends, make new ones and know more about them through internet and mobiles, but the irony is that we actually don՚t know what՚s going inside us.

We all are born with a tendency to transfer the blame of our wrongdoings to others and Saint Kabir՚s lines aptly describe it:

Bura jo dekhan main chala bura na mila koi.

Jo mann dekho aapno mujhsa bura na koi

This suggests how badly we require to know the substance of our own lives. We need to communicate with our soul and stop threatening ourselves with spiritual death. We need to impede succumbing our spirit from outside pressures.

It is as simple as that. What we need to do is to sit at a calm place before a mirror and ask ourselves some questions regarding the preceding day like which direction did I take today? why did I get angry with my friend? why did I get stressed today, who and what helped me to get out of hassle? The answers to such questions would let us know our path & destination, things which give stress, things which aggress us and people who we can trust in problems.

This test can also be done in happy situations too. Questions like why am I happy? with whom I feel relaxed? and so on. This way we will get to know the elements which elate us in a true way and may be we can bring those elements in our life during period of depression.

Basically it՚s a way to understand the essence of life. During preparation of exams, practicing introspection can be of great help. We can strategize things in a very easy way because by that time we would have known our capabilities and problems as suggested by these lines in Sama Veda:

“A man, who realizes the potential of his mind by means of introspection and contemplation, he does not lack self-confidence. He has control over his mind and he is able to realize its full potential.”

Also we will spend our rest time during learning sessions in a better way so as to retain whatever is learnt.

By knowing the elements which offset our courage, we can handle the difficult the situations better and can proceed towards the achievement of goal with a new and fresh energy.

it՚s always easy to preach others but when it comes to follow those lines ourselves, then it becomes a real challenge. So I m writing all this only after undergoing self introspection myself. So don՚t think I m writhing this against my own convictions.

Trust me it՚s a win-win situation for everyone.

don՚t think it will not do any good but take a step forward to believe that it won՚t cause any harm too!


Courtesy: Shilpi Mittal