World Food Day

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Jawaharlal Nehru՚s welcoming India՚s Independence had remarked- “At the stroke of the midnight hour when whole world sleeps, India would arise to life & freedom. We have to build the noble mansion where all her children may dwell”

Here we were lucky to have Pandit Nehru at the P. M. For fifteen years. It was he who wanted to bring India among the developed nations of world & for what he had a planned approach, a result of which are the five year Plans. But soon it was felt that inspite of all efforts-eradication of poverty seemed quite far way. ‘Task force on minimum needs & effective consumption Demand’ set up by the planning Commission reveals that poverty on the nutritional norms can be classified as 2400 cal. Intake for rural & about 2100 calories intake for the urbans.

To remove this evil of poverty we have to maintain job opportunities, capital level, decrease population pressure on load and above all proper implementation of PDS with no selfish mediators. It can be done by giving employment with satiable level of income and satisfy the hunger drives. Government has provided many schemes like Antyodaya plan, food for work program, legal elimination of bonded laborers, preventing centralization of wealth, Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana, self-employment for Education Urban Youth, small farmer Development program for removing poverty, providing employment & fulfillment of basic needs of individual.

The first necessity was to create such a situation that even the poorest of the poor should not sleep hungry. Hence to avoid such problems PDS was launched and got partial success. So for better take off targeted PDS was adopted. According to it, the APL for whom 105 lakh tones have been set aside, the BPL with allocation of 124 lakh tones and Antyodaya (one Crore poorest of the poor) , 30 lakh tones at ₹ 20 kg for wheat and ₹ 30 kg for rice. Besides this 15 lakh tons have been distributed under the food for work program, 25 lakh tons have been allocated for midday meal schemes and 3 lakh tons given under Annapurna scheme for destitute elderly & wheat based nutrition programs. The commission has suggested to mix APL & BPL and sell whole stock with uniform price with state subsidy.

But there are cases where BPL do not have cast to buy 20 kg I one go & are often not permitted to buy in installments. The reason is clean that it is due to lack of purchasing power & distorted food policy. Which leads to the fact that there is 40 % less consumption as compared with the per capita income consumption of top 10 % . It attributes the reason fostering there anomalies are due to weak monitoring, lack of transparency and inadequate accountability of officials implementing such schemes. We have to cope the problems of faulty policy for procuring food grains from farmers, to allocate to various states & lift up subsequent errors in its application, also we at ration shop level. Then & then only we would be able to abolish poverty and satisfy the hunger needs of the masses and set an example before the other third world nations.

Higher & higher we shall advance.

Our endeavors the world would glance.

All shortcoming & blemishes away be cast.

and dear India regains the grace of past.