ACT Writing: Comedy Versus Serious Movies

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Some movies are serious, designed to make the audience think. Other movies are designed primarily to amuse and entertain. Which type of movie do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Different people like different types of movies. Some people like to watch a movie that makes them think. They prefer movies with a murder investigation or some kind of intricate plot. Other people prefer movies that make them laugh. Personally, I like more comedies, but sometimes my husband insists on watching a fantastic or a scary movie just to diversify our repertory.

Comedies make one laugh. People can just relax, buy a bottle of coda and some popcorn and enjoy those moments. It is a means of eliminating stress and tension. Usually, we go to the movie theatre once a month because in this case we always find new comedies to watch. I like those moments when it is dark and one just can enjoys the actions from a large screen.

I do not want to say that I do not like movies that make me think. Sometimes I really like the plot or performance. For example, “Traffic” a movie about drugs and young people, is very touching and topical. From my point of view, every family should watch this movie together and discuss the important aspects of it. One more example of this kind of movies is “MisterG” It is about a little boy who needed a surgery to live. His heart did not work properly, so a boy needed another one to survive. Basically, the movie is about a family that faces many difficulties and obstacles, trying to save their only child. I think that humankind needs such movies. First of all, they help people enjoy their life and be grateful. Second of all, they help people realize that they are a big family.

In summary, I think that every movie must teach us be kind, strong and grateful.