ACT Writing: Materialistic Society

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Many people complain that modern society is too materialistic. Other people, they say, place too great an importance on material property. Rather than value values, these critics insist, people today value things.

There is no doubt that we live in a material, consumer-oriented society. In economic terms, consumers use products; in everyday language, they acquire things: TVs, cars, clothes, furniture. This kind of materialism can actually be good for a society since it helps create jobs. When people have jobs, they acquire self-respect along with the money they need to provide the material things they and their families require.

It is true, on the other hand, that many people have taken healthy consumerism too far. Materialism is evident when an otherwise intelligent person goes into debt charging things that he or she cannot pay for. Materialism is evident when people insist on buying a particular designer label even though the same quality can be found in a cheaper product. Materialism is evident when people are judged and admired for what they own rather than what they are or can do.

Even if society has gone too far in the direction of materialism, as some say, the individual person doesn՚t need to surrender. He or she can still value honesty, integrity, freedom, talent, quality, and all the other values there are to value and leave the materialism to others.