ACT Writing: Nomadic Life Versus Sedentary Life

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Some people live in one community all their lives, while others move around almost as much as nomads. Both experiences have their advantages and disadvantages.

People who stay in one spot can develop lifelong friendships, and such friends may lend a hand if trouble comes. They know each otherีšs life history, and they judge each other for the kind of person each is, not for the image each projects.

Yet spending a lifetime in one location can also lock a person into a limited way of life. Personal change may become very difficult. People with few experiences may develop a narrow outlook and find it hard to understand those who have different ethnic, racial, or religious backgrounds.

On the other hand, moving to different parts of the country is usually stressful. A person may feel lost and uprooted in a place where streets, stores, schools, and churches all are different. At first there are no friends to help.

However, those who do move learn that people in other places have a variety of outlooks. There is a chance to appreciate different ways of life and even to choose the way one likes best.

For a person who moves to a different place year after year, the disadvantages of moving probably outweigh the advantages. But a few moves are probably worth the effort. By staying in each place for a length of time, people can broaden their outlook but have enough time to make adjustment and form friendships.

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