ACT Writing: Real Advertisers

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Advertisers who directly attack their competitors may amuse me if they do it cleverly. However, they have probably lost me as a customer.

Companies who attack their rivals remind me of people who boost their egos by criticizing others. When people do this, I often suspect they have little to offer and may even have something to hide. I would rather find out what is good about a person, not what is bad about someone else.

Similarly, I like advertising that lets me know about products that might meet my needs. I donีšt place much faith in ads telling me what may be wrong with a rival product. I tend to suspect that the information could be biased.

I also believe advertisers are foolish to name their rivals because by doing so they give the competing product free publicity. If the competition is worth attacking, I tend to think it may actually have something to offer.

In advertising, as in life, I believe we should try to be the best we can be, without belittling the next person-or the rival product.