ACT Writing: Silence Speaks

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You come home alone after a long day at work. You open the door to your home. No one is there. Is it blessed silence you hear-or echoing emptiness?

The millions of people who live alone today may have either experience. Some love living alone, yet others wish they didn՚t have to:

When they open that door at night, people who live alone do not have to put up with demands or listen to someone՚s noise or meet anyone՚s dinner deadlines. They do not have to debate about which TV program to watch or stay off the phone because someone else is expecting an important call. No one else messes up their kitchen.

But when they are sick, no one else will bring them an aspirin or call the doctor. Preparing dinner for one can be difficult, and eating dinner for one night after night can be very lonely. Perhaps no one really cares what they did all day. If they are feeling sad, there may be no one to cheer them up. Some people who live alone say the worst times come when something very good happens because there is no one to share the joy.

During the course of a lifetime, one may sometimes live with others and sometimes live alone. Each way of life has its advantages. Learning to take advantage of them is one key to contentment.