ACT Writing: What is Being Successful in Life?

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Most people want to be successful in life, but success can come about in four ways: Fame, money, knowledge, and pleasure. Success is also usually characterized by the word more; to be successful, people feel they have to be more famous, have more money, absorb more information, or enjoy life more.

Success does not need to be characterized by quantity, however. Instead, you can measure the success of your life by its quality. It is not important, for example, how many people know you but who knows you and for what. Working in your community or on good relationships with family and friends can bring quality fame. Earning less money but spending it wisely and learning the joy saving is another way to succeed. Learning more so that you can turn around and teach someone else produces quality knowledge. And finally, all the above will most likely bring you quality success in enjoying the pleasures of living.

Success, in conclusion, can be seen in different ways by different people. Only one thing is sure. No matter what other people see, the only one who knows whether youีšre succeeded is you.