Aptitude Logical Reasoning Ratio and Proportion 2020 ACT Part 3

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1. In a mixture of 60 liters, the ratio of milk and water is . What amount of water must be added to make the ratio of milk and water as ?

A. 42 liters

B. 56 liters

C. 60 liters

D. 77 liters

Answer: C

2. 1600 men have provisions for 28 days in the temple. If after 4 days, 400 men leave the temple, how long will the food last now?

A. 28 days

B. 30 days

C. 32 days

D. 35 days

Answer: C

3. A garrison of 2000 men has provisions for 54 days. At the end of 15 days, a reinforcement arrives, and it is now found that the provisions will last only for 20 days more. What is the reinforcement?

A. 3900 men

B. 2300 men

C. 900 men

D. 1900 men

Answer: D

4. A fort of 2000 soldiers has provisions for 50 days. After 10 days some of them left and the food was now enough for the same period of 50 days as before. How many of them left?

A. 400

B. 600

C. 800

D. 1000

Answer: A

5. There is food for 760 men for 22 days. How many more men should join after two days so that the same food may last for 19 days more?

A. 60 men

B. 40 men

C. 25 men

D. 20 men

Answer: B

6. Rs. 1300 is divided into three parts A, B and C. How much A is more than C if their ratio is ?

A. Rs.100

B. Rs.200

C. Rs.300

D. Rs.600

Answer: C

7. A gets 3 times as much money as B gets, B gets only Rs.25 more then what C gets. The three gets Rs.675 in all. Find the share of B?

A. Rs.125

B. Rs.115

C. Rs.110

D. Rs.140

Answer: D

8. Rs.525 among A, B and C such that B may get 2/3 of A and C together get. Find the share of C?

A. Rs.210

B. Rs.315

C. Rs.105

D. not possible to find

Answer: D

9. Rs.590 is divided amongst A, B, C so that 5 times A's share, six times B's share and eight times C's share are all equal. Find C's share?

A. Rs.130

B. Rs.150

C. Rs.170

D. Rs.175

Answer: B

10. A certain sum of money is divided among A, B and C so that for each Rs. A has, B has 65 paisa and C 40 paisa. If C's share is Rs.40, find the sum of money?

A. Rs.410

B. Rs.315

C. Rs.485

D. Rs.205

Answer: D

11. Divide Rs.32000 in the ratio ?

A. 12000, 20000

B. 18000, 14000

C. 30000, 2000

D. 10000, 22000

Answer: A

12. Divide Rs.118000 among three persons A, B and C such that the ratio of the shares of A and B is and that of is ?





Answer: A

13. The incomes of two persons A and B are in the ratio . If each saves Rs.100 per month, the ratio of their expenditures is . Find their incomes?

A. 100, 200

B. 200, 300

C. 150, 200

D. 250, 300

Answer: C

14. Find the fraction which has the same ratio to that has to .





Answer: C

15.A bag contains a certain number of 50 paise coins, 20 paise coins and 10 paise coins in the ratio . If the total value of all the coins in the bag is Rs.400, find the number of coins of each kind?

A. 50p coins = 400

20p coins = 600

10p coins = 800

B. 50p coins = 300

20p coins = 700

10p coins = 200

C. 50p coins = 800

20p coins = 400

10p coins = 200

D. 50p coins = 400

20p coins = 500

10p coins = 300

16. 125 liters of a mixture of milk and water contains in the ratio . How much water should now be added so that the ratio of milk and water becomes ?

A. 20 liters

B. 30 liters

C. 40 liters

D. 50 liters

Answer: D

17. The food in a camp lasts for 30 men for 40 days. If ten more men join, how many days will the food last?

A. 20 days

B. 30 days

C. 35 days

D. 28 days

Answer: B

18. If 12 men can reap 120 acres of land in 36 days, how many acres of land can 54 men reap in 54 days?

A. 720 acres

B. 650 acres

C. 810 acres

D. 890 acres

Answer: C

19. 10 camels cost as much as 24 horses, 16 horses cost as much as 4 oxen and 6 oxen as much as 4 elephants. If the cost of 10 elephants is Rs.170000, find the cost of a camel?

A. Rs.5700

B. Rs.4500

C. Rs.6000

D. Rs.6800

Answer: D

20. A contractor undertakes to complete the construction of a tunnel 720 meters long in 240 days and employs 60 men for the purpose. After 120 days, he finds that only 240 meters of the tunnel is complete. How many more men should be employ in order to complete the work in time?

A. 70 men

B. 60 men

C. 55 men

D. 80 men

Answer: B