ACT Reasoning Sample Paper 17

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64. lf the selling price of 8 books is equal to the cost price of 10 books, then the profit/loss percent in this transaction is:

(A) 20 % profit

(B) 20 % loss

(C) 25 % profit

(D) 25 % loss

Answer: C

65. lf the radius of the sphere is doubled how many times does its volume become?

(A) 2 times

(B) 6 times

(C) 6 times

(D) 8 times

Answer: D

66. The HCF and LCM of the two numbers are 11 and 7700 respectively lf one of the numbers is 275 then the other is ________

(A) 279

(B) 293

(C) 308

(D) 322

Answer: C

67. A number is doubled and 9 is added lf the resultant is trebled it becomes 75. What is that number?

(A) 5

(B) 8

(C) 6

(D) 10

Answer: B

68. A cyclist covers a distance of 1500 meter in 2 min 30 sec. What Is the speed in km/hr. of the cyclist?

(A) 18 km

(B) 27 km

(C) 30 km

(D) 36 km

Answer: D

69. Find the odd one out:

(A) Aluminium

(B) Copper

(C) Tungsten

(D) Diamond

Answer: D

70. Choose the correct alternative from the given one that will complete the series 3, 7, 15,27, 43?

(A) 51

(B) 57

(C) 61

(D) 63

Answer: D

71. A + B means A is the son of B; means A is the brother of B; ; means A is the brother of B; A Means A is the mother of B and means A is the sister of B. then what does means?

(A) Q is the father of P

(B) Q is the father of P

(C) Q is the son of P

(D) Q is the brother of P

Answer: A

Q. A dog is talked out every veering by the owner whose house facer east they walk 200 m west, then 500 m in south direction which direction should they take to reach home?

(A) North- east

(B) North

(C) North

(D) South- east

Answer: A

Q. A pineapple costs ₹ 7 each A watermelon costs ₹ each. X spends ₹ 38 on these fruits the number of pineapples purchased is

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) 5

Answer: C

Q. In a certain code , ‘BUILD’ is written as , 5# 31@and LIKES is written as 13 _⚹8 ‘How is SKID’ written in that code?

(A) 8 (C) ⚹ @

(B) 8@3 _

(C) 8 _ 3 @

(D) 83 _ @

Answer: C

Q. Arrange the following in meaningful sentence 1- Rainbow, 2- Rain, 3- Sun, 4- Happy 5-child

(A) 2, 1,4, 3,5

(B) 2, 3,1, 5,4

(C) 4, 2,3, 5,1

(D) 4, 5,1, 2,3

Answer: B

Q. From the following words which word will come third in the dictionary

Amphibian, Amorphous, Ambiguous, and Ambivalent Ambidextrous

(A) Ambivalent

(B) Ambiguous

(C) Amorphous

(D) Ambidextrous

Answer: B