English Grammar: Important for Exam: Basics of General Studies Part 1

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Find correct Spelling

Q. (A) Comitment

(B) Comittment

(C) Committment

(D) Commitment

Ans: (D)

Q. (A) Fullfil

(B) Fulfil

(C) Fulfill

(D) Fullfill

Ans: (B)

Q. (A) Defendant

(B) Defendent

(C) Defandent

(D) Defandant

Ans: (A)

Q. (A) Varstile

(B) Verstile

(C) Versatile

(D) Vorstyle

Ans: (C)

Q. (A) Recomand

(B) Recommend

(C) Reconand

(D) Recomend

Ans: (B)

Q. I always fall … old Friends in times of need.

(A) over

(B) through

(C) back on

(D) off

Ans: (C)

Q. The party decided to take the shortest … to its destination.

(A) root

(B) route

(C) distance

(D) direction

Ans: (B)

Q. The girl was very pleased … herself.

(A) in

(B) on

(C) over

(D) with

Ans: (D)

Q. Because of deforestation birds are … their nerting places.

(A) cooking

(B) conserving

(C) searching

(D) demanding

Ans: (C)

Q. The thieves broke … the museum to steal the painting.

(A) up

(B) side

(C) off

(D) into

Ans: (D)