Verbal Section Most Important Questions and Answers Part 2

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11. That the Third Battalion՚s fifty percent casually rate transformed its assault on Hill 306 from a brilliant stratagem into a debacle does not - eyewitness reports of its commander՚s extra-ordinary - in deploying his forces.

(a) invalidate - brutality

(b) gainsay - cleverness

(c) underscore - ineptitude

(d) justify - rapidity

(e) corroborate -determination

Ans: (b)

12. No longer - by the belief that the world around us was expressly designed for humanity, many people try to find intellectual - for that lost certainty in astrology and in mysticism.

(a) satisfied - reasons

(b) reassured - justifications

(c) restricted - parallels

(d) sustained - substitutes

(e) hampered - equivalents

Ans: (d)

13. In eighth-century Japan, people who - wasteland were rewarded with official ranks as part of an effort to overcome the shortage of - fields.

(a) cultivated - domestic

(b) located - desirable

(c) conserved – forested

(d) reclaimed - arable

(e) irrigated - accessible.

Ans: (d)

14. Clearly refuting sceptics, researchers have - not only that gravitational radiation exists but that it also does exactly what the theory- it should do.

(a) assumed - deducted

(b) estimated - accepted

(c) supposed - asserted

(d) doubted - warranted

(e) demonstrated - predicted.

Ans: (e)

15. Melodramas, which presented stark oppositions between innocence and criminality, virtue and corruption, good and evil, were popular precisely because they offered the audience a world - of -

(a) deprived - polarity

(b) full - circumstantiality

(c) bereft - theatricality

(d) devoid - neutrality

(e) composed - adversity.

Ans: (d)

16. Sponsors of the bill were-because there was no opposition to it within the legislative, until after the measure had been signed into law.

(a) well-intentioned

(b) persistent

(c) detained

(d) unreliable

(e) relieved.

Ans: (b)

17. Ecology, like economics, concerns itself with the movement of valuable - through a complex network of producers and consumers.

(a) nutrients

(b) dividends

(c) communications

(d) artifacts

(e) commodities.

Ans: (c)

18. Having fully embraced the belief that government by persuasion is preferable to government by - the leaders of the movement have recently - most of their previous statements supporting totalitarianism.

(a) proclamation - codified

(b) coercion - repudiated

(c) participation - moderated

(d) intimidation - issued

(e) demonstration - deliberated.

Ans: (b)

19. It would be difficult for one so - to be led to believe that all men are equal and that we must disregard race, colour and creed.

(a) tolerant

(b) democratic

(c) broadminded

(d) emotional

(e) Intolerant.

Ans: (e)

20. Many philosophers agree that the verbal aggression of profanity in certain radical newspapers is not - or childish, but an assault on - essential to the revolutionary՚s purpose.

(a) insolent - sociability

(b) trivial - decorum

(c) belligerent - fallibility

(d) serious - propriety

(e) Deliberate - affectation.

Ans: (b)

21. The - tones of the flute succeeded in - his tense nerves.

(a) rhapsodic - minimizing

(b) blatant - enhancing

(c) hovendous - calming

(d) vibrant - portraying

(e) mellifluous - soothing.

Ans: (e)

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