Verbal Section Most Important Questions and Answers Part 3

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22. Without the psychiatrist՚s promise of confidentiality, trust is - and the patient՚s communication limited; even though confidentiality can thus be seen to be precious in the copy, moral responsibility sometimes requires a willingness to - it.

(a) lost - forget

(b) implicit - extend

(c) impaired - sacrifice

(d) ambiguous - apply

(e) assumed - examine.

Ans: (c)

23. Parts of seventeenth-century Chinese pleasure gardens were not necessarily intended to look -they were designed expressly to evoke the agreeable melancholy resulting from a sense of the - of natural beauty and human glory.

(a) great - immutability

(b) joyful - mortality

(c) conventional - wildness

(d) cheerful - transistorizes

(e) colorful - abstractness.

Ans: (d)

24. Despite the - of many of their colleagues, some scholars have begun to emphasize ‘’ pop culture ‘’ as a key for - the myths, hopes, and fears of contemporary society.

(a) pedantry - reinstating

(b) enthusiasm - symbolizing

(c) skepticism - deciphering

(d) antipathy - involving

(e) discernment - evaluating.

Ans: (c)

25. If duty is the natural - of one՚s the course of future events, then people who are powerful have duty placed on them whether they like it or not.

(a) outgrowth - control over

(b) arbiter - responsibility for

(c) correlate - understanding of

(d) determinant - involvement in

(e) mitigant - preoccupation with.

Ans: (a)

26. Clearly refuting sceptics, researches have - not only that gravitational radiation exists but that it also does exactly what the theory - it should do.

(a) supposed - asserted

(b) voubted -warranted

(c) assumed - deduced

(d) demonstrated - predicted

(e) estimated - accepted

Ans: D

27. The Neoplatonists՚ conception of a deity, in which perfection was measured by abundant fecundity, was contradicted by that of the Aristotelians, in which perfection was displayed in the - of creation.

(a) variety

(b) economy

(c) profusion

(d) clarity

(e) precision.

Ans: (b)

28. It is a great - to be able to transfer useful genes with as little extra gene material as possible, because the donor՚s genome may contain, in addition to desirable genes, many genes with - effects.

(a) Disappointment - superfluous

(b) Convenience - exquisite

(c) Advantage - deleterious

(d) Accomplishment - profound

(e) Misfortune - unpredictable.

Ans: (c)

29. While admitting that the risks incurred by use of the insecticide were not - the manufacturer՚s spokesperson argued that effective - were simply not available.

(a) indeterminable - safeguards

(b) unusual - alternatives

(c) inconsequential - substitutes

(d) proven - antidotes

(e) increasing - procedures.

Ans: (c)

30. Human reaction to the realm of though is often as strong as that to sensible presences; our higher moral life is based on the fact that - sensations actually present may have a weaker influence on our action than do ideas of - facts.

(a) emotional - impersonal

(b) familiar: symbolic

(c) disturbing - ordinary

(d) material - remote

(e) definitive - controversial.

Ans: (d)

31. Some scientists argue that carbon compounds play such a central role in life on earth because of the possibility of - resulting from the carbon atom՚s ability to form an unending series of different molecules.

(a) variety

(b) stability

(c) deviations

(d) invigorations

(e) reproduction.

Ans: (a)

32. It would be difficult for one so - to be led to believe that all men are equal and that we must disregard race, colour and creed.

(a) intolerant

(b) democratic

(c) emotional

(d) patient

(e) broadminded.

Ans: (a)

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