Verbal Section Most Important Questions and Answers Part 4

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33. An occasional - remark spoiled the - that made the paper memorable.

(a) colloquial

(b) trite - cliches

(c) urbane - sophisticated

(d) hackneyed - originality

(e) jovial - fun.

Ans: (d)

34. Broadway audiences have become inured to - and so - to be pleased as to make their ready ovations meaningless as an indicator of the quality of the production before them. ?

(a) cleverness: eager

(b) condescension: disinclined

(c) sentimentality: reluctant

(d) mediocrity: desperate

(e) histrionics: unlikely

Ans: (d)

35. Nineteenth - century scholars, by examining earlier geometric Greek art, found that classical Greek art was not a magical - or a brilliant - blending Egyptian and Assyruin art, but was independently evolved by Greeks in Greece.

(a) conversion - annexation

(b) apparition - amalgam

(c) stratagem – appropriation

(d) paradigm - construct

(e) example - synthesis

Ans: (b)

36. The struggle of the generations is one of the obvious constants of human affairs; therefore, it may be presumptuous to suggest that the rivalry between young and old in western society during the current decade is - critical.

(a) archetypally

(b) perennially

(c) disturbingly

(d) uniquely

(e) cautiously

Ans: (d)

37. Even though in today՚s Soviet union the - Muslim clergy have been accorded power and privileges, the Muslim laity and the rank - and - file clergy still. Have little - to practice their religion.

(a) adversaries of - inclination

(b) traditionalists among - incentive

(c) practitioners among - opportunity

(d) leaders of - latitude

(e) dissidents within -obligation

Ans: (d)

38. Unlike the Shakespearean plays, The ‘’ closet dramas ‘’ of the nineteenth century were meant to be - rather than -

(a) seen - acted

(b) read – acted

(c) produced - acted

(d) quiet - loud

(e) sophisticated - urbane

Ans: (b)

39. The little - known but rapidly expanding use of computers in mapmaking is technologically similar to the more - uses in designing everything from bolts to satellites.

(a) ingenuous

(b) recent

(c) secure

(d) publicized

(e) successful

Ans: (d)

40. Although his outnumbered troops fought bravely, the general felt he had no choice but to - defeat and - a retreat.

(a) oversee - reject

(b) acknowledge - order

(c) hasten - suggest

(d) seek - try

(e) overcome - request

Ans: (b)

41. No hero of ancient or modern times can surpass the Indian with his lofty contempt of death and the - with which he sustained the cruelest confliction.

(a) guide

(b) assent

(c) reverence

(d) fortitude

(e) concern

Ans: (d)

42. The hostess attempted to - a romantic atmosphere that would bring the two young people together in -

(a) expand - fealty

(b) present - collusion

(c) simulate - conflict

(d) introduce - cacophony

(e) contrive - matrimony

Ans: (e)

43. Employers who retire people who are willing and able to continue working should realize that - age is not an effective - in determining whether an individual is capable of working.

(a) intellectual - criterion

(b) Chronological - criterion

(c) Physical - barrier

(d) deteriorating - value

(e) chronological - factor

Ans: (b)

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