Verbal Section Most Important Questions and Answers Part 5

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44. As the sun rose, the morning mists were borne away on the - like strands of-

(a) whirlwind - flotsam

(b) wind - cactus

(c) morass - tundra

(d) zephyr - gossamer

(e) holocaust - taffeta

Ans: (d)

45. The playwright was known not for his original ideas that had been propounded by others.

(a) rejection

(b) consideration

(c) invention

(d) reiteration

(e) plagiarism

Ans: (e)

46. The gypsy girl, decked out in - finery, and with her disheveled hair streaming over shoulders, was indeed a - sight.

(a) verdant - wistful

(b) sartorial - flagrant

(c) specious - poignant

(d) tawdry – bizarre

(e) opulent - debonair

Ans: (d)

47. Yellow fever, the disease that killed 4,000 Philadelphians in 1793, and so - Memphis, Tennessee, that the city lost its charter, has reappeared after nearly two decades in - in the western hemisphere.

(a) disabled - quarantine

(b) decimated - abeyance

(c) terrorized - contention

(d) ravaged - secret

(e) coupled - quiescence

Ans: (b)

48. The painting was larger than it appeared to be, for hanging in a darkened recess of the chapel, it was - by the perspective.

(a) embellished

(b) improved

(c) jeopardized

(d) aggrandized

(e) diminished

Ans: (e)

49. We have in America - speech that is neither American, Oxford English, nor English but a - of all three.

(a) motley - miracle

(b) nasal - blend

(c) feigned – patchwork

(d) mangled - medley

(e) hybrid - combination

Ans: (e)

50. Old beliefs die hard, even when jobs become - the long - standing fear that unemployment could return at a moment՚s notice -

(a) protected - subsided

(b) vacant - perished

(c) available - receded

(d) plentiful - persisted

(e) easier - charged

Ans: (d)

51. Not only the - are fooled by propagandas we can all be misled if we are not-

(a) people - mature

(b) ignorant - cynical

(c) masses - cautious

(d) uncultured - concerned

(e) gullible - wary

Ans: (e)

52 … merciful by nature, he was - toward the murderer.

(a) although - unmoving

(b) while - unjust

(c) truly - indicative

(d) though – kind

(e) albeit - implacable

Ans: (e)

53. When the news of his - with the enemy become known, he was hanged in -

(a) collusion - effigy

(b) conversation՚s - earnest

(c) involvement - martyrdom

(d) complacency - retaliation

(e) bickering - response

Ans: (e)

54. He was so - by the interplay of the Colours that varied in brilliance and pattern as the music rose and fell, that he asked the price of the device.

(a) overwrought

(b) penalized

(c) repelled

(d) inteugued

(e) penalized

Ans: (e)

55. The absence of a sense of outrage and grief at national tragedy is an - of moral responsibility.

(a) intervention

(b) energizing

(c) abdication

(d) administration

(e) actuation.

Ans: (c)

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