AFCAT: References General Studies

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  1. An Introduction to the Constitution of India D D Basu
  2. Perspectives on Indian Constitution Edited by Subash Kashyap
  3. Biology for VIII-X Std NCERT
  4. Physics for VIII-X Std NCERT
  5. Chemistry for VIII-X Std NCERT
  6. Anatomy & Physiology Evelyn Pearce
  7. Know your body Reader's Digest
  8. An Evolution of Indian Economy I.C.Dhingra (Sultan Chand & Co)
  9. Indian Economy Dutt & Sundaram
  10. Economic Survey of India Government of India
  11. General Principles of World Geography Charles Farro
  12. Monsoon Asia Charles Farro
  13. Physical Geography of India for VII - XII Std NCERT
  14. Good School Atlas:Oxford - Buy from
  15. Ancient India for VII-XII Std NCERT
  16. Medieval India for VII-XII Std NCERT
  17. Modern India Bipin Chandra
  18. History of Modern India AC Banerjee
  19. The Hindu & Times of India Newspapers
  20. Frontline and Political & Economic weekly Periodicals
  21. Yojana & World Focus Periodicals
  22. Statistical Methods S.C.Gupta - Buy from
  23. Frontline
  24. Pratiyogita Darpan
  25. The Hindu

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