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Discussion on Gateways in Internetworking

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Topics to Be Covered

1. Definition

2. Network Gateway

3. IP Gate

4. Internet-to-orbit gateway

5. Cloud storage gateway

6. IoT gateway

7. Difference between Router and Gateway

8. MCQ


  • A gateway is a chunk of networking hardware which is used in telecommunication and also allows telecommunication networks to flow data from network, named as discrete to another networks.
  • Gateways are different from routers or switches in which they communication using multiple protocol to connect a pair of networks and also can operate at any of the layers of the open systems such as interconnection model (OSI) .

Representation of Network Gateway

Representation of Network Gateway

Network Gateway

  • This gateway basically gives interoperability between networks and also indulges various devices such as protocol translators, impedance matchers, rate converters, or signal translators.
  • A network gateway needs the establishment of mutually acceptable administrative processes between networks by using gateway.
  • This gateway is also known as protocol translation gateways or mapping gateways which can perform protocol conversion for the connection of networks with other protocol technologies.

Ip Gate in Gateways

  • On an IP network, IP packets with destination outside a given subnet mask are sent to network gateway.
  • When the IP packet forwarding to other network, gateway perform network address translation at that time.

Internet to Orbit Gateways

  • It is used to connect different devices and computers via internet to computer systems orbiting Earth, such as spacecraft.
  • Project HERMES, run by Civilian Space Agency was the first to implement these type of gateway on June 6,2009.
  • It has total 22,000 km of coverage and also able to transmit data and voice.

Cloud Storage Gateway

  • This is a network server which is used to convert cloud storage APIs.
  • This gateway enable firms to distribute personal cloud storage into applications without any movement of application into Public cloud, which simplifies data protection.

IoT Gateway

  • As IoT stands for Internet of things, gateway provides bridge between IoT devices in the field, cloud, user equipment refers to smartphones.
  • It provides communication link between Field and cloud and also give some offline services and real-time control of devices in proper field.
  • There are basically two protocols are used for data exchange i.e.. bus-based and broker-based.
  • IoT nodes prefer to use separate IoT gateway for protocol handling conversion, storage of database or collision handling to supplement low intelligence of devices.


It forwards packets from one network to another. Based on internal routing tables, router read each incoming packet and decide how to forward it. Routers work at the network layer (Layer 3) of the protocol.It converts one protocol to another. It converts packets from one protocol to another. The gateway functions as an entry/exit point to the network.
Router traffic from one network to anotherTranslates from one protocol to other
It provides additional features like DHCP server, Static Routing, Wireless Networking etc.Protocol conversion like VOIP or PSTN or Network Access Protocol etc.
It supports dynamic routingDoes not support dynamic routing
It works on Layer 3 and Layer 4 of OSI ModelWorks up to Layer 5 of OSI Model
Office Computer
Router 2


Q1. How many types of architecture for data exchange protocols are there?

a) Two

b) Five

c) Three

d) None of these.

Q2. Gateways are distinct from?

a) Routers

b) Switches

c) Both of these

d) None of these


0: 00 Gateways in Internetworking

0: 07 Topics to Be Covered

0: 50 Definition

2: 16 Representation of Network Gateway

3: 20 Network Gateway

4: 39 Ip Gate in Gateways

5: 15 Internet to Orbit Gateways

6: 05 Cloud Storage Gateway

6: 57 IoT Gateway

9: 00 Difference

12: 45 MCQs on Gateways

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