Discussion on Message Switching for AFCAT 2020

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Working of Message Switching :Advantages & Disadvantages (Computer Science)


  • Definition of Message Switching

  • Working of Message Switching

  • Advantages & Disadvantages

  • MCQs

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Message Switching

  • Message switching is also called as Store & Forward technique

  • In this mechanism, a node (usually a special computer) receives a message, stores it until the appropriate route is free, once the path becomes free, then it sends the message.

  • Store & forward is considered, because there is no direct link between sender and receiver.

  • A message is delivered to the node through one path then routed along another to its destination.

Working of Message Switching

Image of Working of Message Switching

Image of Working of Message Switching

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Message Switching


  • Traffic can be managed easily

  • Network is efficiently used

  • Even if receiver is down, the message can be sent easily


  • Delay in message delivery because due ti store and forward technique

  • Intermediate storage of data is costly


Q1. Which switching technique is used as Store & Forwarding if complete data by selecting a appropriate path:


1. Packet Switching

2. Circuit Switching

3. Message Switching

4. None of these

Answer : 2

Q2. A switched network consists of series of interlinked nodes, called:


1. Endpoints

2. Packets

3. Switches

4. links.

Answer : 3

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