SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) : Introduction and Phases of SDLC

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Content to be Covered

Content to be Covered

Introduction of SDLC

  • SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle.
  • It is a process or method which is being followed in industries or by the developers in order to deliver the final product to the customer. The final product can be any software or system application. Thus, it is a process followed by the software organization.
  • There are various steps in the structure of SDLC that are helpful for developing and maintaining the product.
  • It is helpful to improve the quality of software and the overall development process.
Software Development Life Cycle

Phases of SDLC

Planning/Requirement Analysis

  • In planning phase of SDLC, project leader defines certain terms such as Manpower requirement, Material costs, target goals, creating an effective team to handle the project and leadership structure. In this phase, scope and purpose of the application is also clearly defined
  • There is also involvement of stakeholders who are there for taking the benefit from the application. In this phase, feedback and approval of the stakeholder is also important.

Define Requirements

This phase of SDLC is considered as a part of planning to determine what the application is expected to do and its requirements. Requirements also includes resources need to build the project.


Design model includes the structure or blueprint of software՚s workflow. It includes:

  • Architecture: Specifies ER Diagrams, Flowcharts to explain the workflow according to industry practice.
  • User Interface: Defines the ways to interact with the software.
  • Platforms: Specifies the platform on which the software will run such as Windows, Linux, Android etc.
  • Programming: Specifies programming language, problem solving methods.
  • Communications: Defines the methods through which application can communicate through external systems like servers and other parts within the application.
  • Security: Define the setup created to make the system protected and secure.


This phase is about to write the programs. Set of programs make a software. Some small-scale software is generally made by any individual but sometimes a software project is divided between several persons. They work of different parts of the project but as a team. They create the source code and ensures all the development must be according to the standards defined, meeting Industry requirement and error free.


It is an essential phase of SDLC. It is important to test a software before presenting it to available in the market. It includes performance testing; security testing and it is ensured whether it is meeting the requirement or not. This phase removes the bugs and glitches that user encounters.


In this phase, application is made available to the users by various means through websites, which is a popular means to sale nowadays. It could also be downloading an application on a smartphone. Deployment is a critical and complex phase of SDLC. The successful performance of software is strictly based on this phase.


After launching the software into the market and making the software available to the user, sometime bugs are encountered with the users which were not found at the time of testing. Process of removing this conflicts and bugs sometime become challenging and need to restart the whole process and make the SDLC process iterative.

SDLC Steps

It is the process or procedure that is used to design, develop, and test high quality software once implemented completely and properly tested. We follow two steps in sequence in order to deliver the best product i.e.. , top-level high-quality software which includes:

  • Customer expectations
  • Time Complexity
  • Cost Complexity
  • (Memory) space complexity
  • Best required output and much more.
    • SDLC is also referred as application development life cycle. It is the business practice that produces the software by following some steps or phases that may include planning, creating, defining, deploying, maintaining and customer support etc.
    • It must produce a software with the lowest cost in the shortest time with graded quality and satisfaction.


Q. 1. : Identify the true statements:

Statement P: User Interface means that the front end of the database

Statement Q: Architecture of the system is considered under Designing Phase of the SDLC step.

(1) P only

(2) Q only

(3) Both P and Q

(4) Neither P nor Q

Answer: (2) Q only

Q. 2. : Which of the following statement best describes about deployment phase.

(1) To remove all complex codes

(2) To remove all viruses

(3) To design the overall architecture of the system

(4) To fix all bugs and implement the product

Answer: (4) To fix all bugs and implement the product

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