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Computer Science

Topic: Email Part-2

Email Part 2 types of email

Topics to be covered

1. How to create an Effective E-mail

2. Types of Emails

3. Marketing Emails

4. Notification Emails

5. Transactional Emails

6. Chatting and Texting

7. Privacy

8. Email Providers

9. MCQs

How to Make an Effective E-Mail

  • Selecting Your Audience Correctly
  • Using Distribution Lists
  • Composing Your Messages
    • Make the heading meaningful
    • Keep each message short and clear.
    • Start each message short and clear.
    • Start each message by stating its purpose/context

Types of Emails

Types of Emails

Marketing Emails

Marketing (or Bulk) emails stimulate your clients and leads. They contain informative/incentive messages. The recipient must agree to receive such emails: opt-in is periodicity, but the message can also be sent to a segment in particular. Nonetheless, the main point is that messages are sent independently from specific actions from the clients. For examples: Newsletters, Flash sales and Sales/promotions announcements etc.

Marketing Emails

Notification Emails

Notification email are also known as trigger, alert or auto-responder. They allow the user to be notified each time a particular event happens (or has happened) . More generally, the notification email may be used in order to celebrate and/or mark an event. It is either the recipients themselves, or the sender that will establish criteria for an outgoing message to be triggered by an event. For Examples: Birthday, Status change, and Shopping etc.

Notification Emails

Transactional Emails

This is an expected message and its content is information that the client wishes to check or confirm, and not “discover” . The type of email is not intended to optimize the customer relationship but to define it and mark it out. It is a point of reference in one՚s CRM. Strong attention should be paid to this kind of email. These emails must be specifically dealt with: wrongly delivered newsletters might impact leads, but an undelivered transactional email will upset the customer. For examples: Welcome message/Account opening, Order shipment confirmation and Payment etc.

Example of Transactional Email

Example of Transactional Email

Chatting and Texting

Texting Online

Is similar to texting using a cell phone but texts received can only be viewed once, then they are permanently deleted after being read. This is useful if you do not have a cell phone or will not be near your cell phone and need to communicate to another cell phone.


This is real-time communication with no delay. Usually done with those people who can be online at the same time. But we need to be careful about the opposite person as any unauthorized person or unknown person can also chat with us. So we can simply do chatting with any recipient over email provider.


Types of Privacy

Email Providers

Email Providers


Q1. Proton Mail is an electronic mail provider.


1. True

2. False

Answer: 1

Proton Mail: It is an end-to-end encrypted email service. It was founded in 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland. Some researchers invented it.

Proton Mail

Q2. Trigger is another name to which of the following type of mail?


1. Marketing Mails

2. Notification Mails

3. Transactional Mails

4. Both 1 and 2

Answer: 2

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