Multiple Choice Questions for Electronics Engineering Part 2

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Q.19 In a transistor

  1. Emitter is heavily doped while the collector is moderately doped

  2. Collector base junction is forward biased

  3. Emitter is made wider than collector

  4. The input resistance is much higher than output resistance

Answer: 1

Q.20 If a transistor were operated with emitter and collector interchanged, then

  1. emitter current will increase

  2. Collector current will increase

  3. Base current will decrease

  4. No current flow will take place

Answer: 2

Q.21 When a current flows in a conductor, the order of magnitude of the drift velocity of electrons in it is

  1. IO10 cm/s

  2. 10-2 cm/s

  3. 104 cm/s

  4. 10-1 cm/s

Answer: 2

Q.22 When an alternating potential is applied to a capacitor, the current in the circuit will

  1. lead the applied potential

  2. lag the applied potential

  3. be in phase with the applied potential

  4. none

Answer: 1

Q.23 In application of superposition theorem, one is required to solve as many circuits as there are

  1. Nodes

  2. Branches

  3. Meshes

  4. Sources

Answer: 4

Q.24 Norton’s equivalent of a circuit consists of a

  1. Constant current generator with parallel impedance

  2. Constant current generator in series with an infinite resistance

  3. Constant current generator in series with high impedance

  4. Constant current generator in series with high impedance

Answer: 1

Q.25 We require a resistor of 47 k Ω- with ± 10% tolerance. The sequence of colour band on this resistor would be

  1. Yellow, violet, orange & silver

  2. Yellow, brown, orange & silver

  3. Yellow, violet, orange & gold

  4. Yellow, violet, brown & gold

Answer: 1

Q.26 The high level language can be translated into machine language with the help of

  1. Assembler

  2. Stack pointer

  3. Complier

  4. Multiplexer

Answer: 3

Q.27 The Intel 8259 is a - chip programmable interrupt controller

  1. Single

  2. Double

  3. Triple

  4. All of the above

Answer: 1

Q.28 An analog voltage in the range of 0 to V volts into be converted into 3- bit digital output. It is divided into eight intervals. The top & the bottom intervals are V/14 & the middle six intervals are V/7. The maximum quantization error will be:

  1. 0

  2. V

Answer: 3

Q.29 Frequency of oscillation of an AMV depends upon

  1. RC values of the circuit

  2. Collector load resistors

  3. Transistor

  4. Width of input pulse

Answer: 1

Q.30 Multivibrators can be used as:

  1. Frequency dividers

  2. Memory elements in computers

  3. Square wave, saw tooth & pulse generators

  4. All the above

Answer: 4

Q.31 The permeability of a diamagnetic material is

  1. Zero

  2. Less than 1

  3. Equal to a

  4. More than 1

Answer: 2

Q.32 The potential barrier at a P – N junction is due to

  1. Majority carriers

  2. Minority carriers

  3. Both majority and minority carriers

  4. Fixed donor and acceptor ions

Answer: 4

Q.33 These self-inductance of a circuit is defined as twice the work done against the induced e.m.f. on establishing unit current in the coil. If the current to be established in the coil is doubled, the work done against the induced e.m.f. will be

  1. Doubled

  2. Halved

  3. four times

  4. Quarter times

Answer: 3

Q.34 The drift velocity of free electrons in a conducting wire carrying a current I is V. If in a wire of the same metal, but of double the radius, the current be 21, then the drift velocity of electrons will be

  1. V

  2. 4V

Answer: 2

Q.35 A commercial power supply has a voltage regulation of

  1. 1%

  2. 2.5%

  3. 3.20%

  4. 4.50%

Answer: 1