Important MCQs for History AFCAT Part 26

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Q. Which Magadha ruler is said to have shifted the capital from Rajagriha to Pataliputra?

(a) Dayan

(b) Kakavarin

(c) Chandragupta Maura

(d) Bimbisara

Answer: B

Q. Which Magadha ruler is said to have fallen in love with Amravati, a famous dancer of Visalia?

(a) Bindusara

(b) Mahapadma

(c) Ajatasetru

(d) Sisunagas

Answer: C

Q. Arrange the following Magadha dynasties in the chronological order:

(I) Nanas

(II) Sisunagas

(III) Maury’s

(IV) Haryana’s

Chose the answer from the codes below:

(a) II, I, IV& III

(b) IV, II, III & I

(c) III, I, IV & II

(d) IV, II, I & III

Answer: D

Q. Match the following:

Peoples and it's relations

List I

List II

1. Suddhodhana

A. Buddha’s cousin

2. Siddhartha

B. The sage who taught meditation to Buddha

3. Alarm Kalama

C. Buddha’s original name

4. Deviate

D. Buddha’s son

5. Rahul

E. Buddha’s father


(a) E C B A D

(b) A D C E B

(c) E B C A D

(d) B E D C A

Answer: A

Q. Which of the following is not one of the four Noble Truths taught by the Buddha?

(a) The world is full of sorrows.

(b) Desires cause all sorrows.

(c) If desires are conquered, all sorrows can be eliminated.

(d) The only way this can be done is by following the three- fold path.

Answer: C

Q. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?

Place and buddha's work

(a) Senath

Buddha’s birth place

(b) Lumina

the place where Buddha got enlightened

(c) Bodhgaya

the place where he taught his first sermon

(d) Kusinagar

Buddha’s death place

Answer: D

Q. Match the list I wish list II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists:

Buddhist Councils and places

List I

List II

(Buddhist Councils)


1. First

A. Pataliputra

2. Second

B. Girivraja

3. Third

C. Kashmir

4. Fourth

D. Visalia

Codes: 1. 2. 3. 4.

(a) D B C A

(b) B D C A

(c) D B A C

(d) B D A C

Answer: D

Q. Match list I wish List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

Table of Buddhist Literatur and its Philosopher

List I

List II

1. Buddha charity

A. Magazine

2. SutralanRara

B. Ashvaghosha

3. Melinda

C. Nagarjuna panko

4. Madhyamika karaka

D. Asana

Codes: 1. 2. 3. 4

(a) C A B D

(b) A B D C

(c) D C B A

(d) B D A C

Answer: D