Important MCQs for History AFCAT Part 38

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Q. Which of the following statements about the Slayed brothers are correct?

(I) They played a decisive role in the succession of Farah Sitar as the emperor.

(II) They are known in the Indian history as the ‘king-makers’.

(III) Abdullah Khan, the elder of the two brothers, was made the ‘Mir bash’ by Farah Sitar.

(IV) They murdered Farah Sitar in 1719.

(V) They were murdered in 1720 by their opponents.

Choose the answer from the codes below:

(a) I, II, IV & V

(b) II, III & IV

(c) I, II, III & V

(d) II, IV & V

Answer: A

Q. Match list I wish list II and select the answer from the codes given below the lists:

Table of king and it’s history

List I

List II

I. Wandered in

A. Muhammad Shahitially due to fear of his ‘weir’

II. Lost Koi

B. Shah Alma II nour and petcock Throne to Nadir Shah

III. Last Mughal

C. Ahmad shah Emperor

IV. First invasion

D. Bahadur Shah II on of Ahmad Shah Abdel

Codes: I II III IV

(a) B A D C

(b) C D B A

(c) C D A B

(d) B C A D

Answer: C

Q. Match the following:

Table of past detail and it’s Year

List I

List II

I. Death of Hider

A. 1782

II. Death of Tip

B. 1784

III. Treaty of Seringapatnam

C. 1792

IV. Treaty of Mangalore

D. 1799

Codes: I II III IV

(a) B C A D

(b) A C D B

(c) B D C A

(d) A D C B

Answer: D

Q. Who was the Governor of Madras who concluded the treaty of Mangalore with Tip Sultan?

(a) Lord Harris

(b) Lord Hamilton

(c) Lord McCartney

(d) Lord Stephenson

Answer: C

Q. Which of the following statements about Ramjet Singh are true?

(I) before his rise into prominence, Punjab was ruled by 12 Sikh ‘misses

(II) He was born to the chief of the Kanha Miss.

(III) He succeeded to the chieftainship of his ‘miss’ as a minor with his mother as the regent.

(IV) He acquired the Kohinoor diamond from Shah Shoji of Afghanistan.

Select the answer from the codes below:

(a) I & II

(b) III & IV

(c) I, III & IV

(d) II, III & IV

Answer: C

Q. What was the original name of Nizami Mulch?

(a) Fatah Khan

(b) Chinqilich Khan

(c) Jalandhar Khan

(d) Abdullah Khan

Answer: B

Q. What was the name of the dynasty of the Nizami of Hyderabad?

(a) Nizami Shahs

(b) Quit Shahs

(C) Adel Shahs

(d) Asif Janis

Answer: D

Q. Who was the Nizami who signed a subsidiary treaty with Lord Wellesley?

(A) Salaam Jung

(b) Nizami Ali

(c) Muzaffar Jung

(d) Siyanda Jha

Answer: B

Q. Who was the founder of Awadhi?

(a) Shoji- doula

(b) Sadat Khan Burgan –ul-Mulk

(c) Asif –ud- doula

(d) Safari Jung

Answer: B