Physics MCQs for AFCAT Part 10

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In a compound microscope the object produces a magnification 10 and eyepiece produces a magnification 5. The overall magnification produced by the compound microscope is

  1. 2

  2. 5

  3. 2

  4. 50


The colour of the sky is due to

  1. Scattering of light

  2. Refraction of light

  3. Interference of light

  4. Reflection of light


An object is placed at a distance f12 from a convex lens of focal length f. The image will be at

  1. , real and inverted

  2. One of the foci, virtual, double the size of the object

  3. , real and inverted

  4. , virtual and erect


Two thin convex lenses of focal length are combined to gather, the focal length of the combination is


The focal length of a convex lens is minimum for

  1. Red

  2. Violet

  3. Blue

  4. Green


A biconvex lens of focal length is cut out into two Plano-convex lenses. The focal length of each part is

  1. 10cm

  2. 20cm

  3. 30cm

  4. 40cm


The minimum distance between the object and its real image formed by a convex lens of focal length f is


The refractive index of prism depends on

  1. Angle of the prism

  2. Deviation produced by the prism

  3. Intensity of light

  4. Wave length of light