AFCAT I 2021 Memory Based Questions and Answer Doorsteptutor. Com Part 4

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31. Where is the capital of Slovenia?

A. Ljubljana

B. Tbilisi

C. Bratislava

D. Tirana

32. Which Continent is also called White Continent?

A. North America

B. Europe

C. Antarctica

D. Australia

33. The length of day and night is equal on which day?

A. Summer solstice

B. Equinox

C. Winter Solstice

D. All of these

34. Which gas has the highest concentration in the atmosphere?

A. Oxygen

B. Carbon Dioxide

C. Hydrogen

D. Nitrogen

35. The Innermost and darkest part of the shadow of an eclipse is known as

A. Totality

B. Penumbra

C. Umbra

D. None of these

36. Which metal is liquid at Room temperature?

A. Bromine

B. Sodium

C. Potassium

D. Mercury

37. The smallest Mountain Peak in the world is located in

A. Australia

B. Antarctica

C. South America

D. Africa

38. Which substance is used in Pencil?

A. Graphene

B. Graphite

C. Bitumen

D. Charcoal

39. Which of the following is the traditional cloth painting in Bihar?

A. Nirmal Paintings

B. Patachitra Paintings

C. Batik art

D. Madhubani paintings

40. Who is the author of the book What if?

A. Randall Munroe

B. Kate Beaton

C. Zach Weinersmith

D. Douglas Adams

41. Which of the following is an Advance heavy attack Helicopter bought from USA?

A. Cheetah

B. Kamov

C. Chinook

D. Guardian

42. Which of the following is not an organ of the UN?



C. General Assembly

D. Permanent Court of Justice

43. Who is the first Indian badminton player to win an Olympic medal?

A. Prakash Padukone

B. Saina Nehwal

C. P V Sindhu

D. P Kashyap

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