AFCAT I 2021 Memory Based Questions and Answer Doorsteptutor. Com Part 5

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44. Santosh trophy is related to which sports?

A. Football

B. Cricket

C. Tennis

D. Badminton

45. Vault of death was performed by which Indian athlete?

A. Deepa Malik

B. Hima Das

C. Dipa Karmakar

D. Devendra Jhajharia

46. India participated for the first time in the Olympics in which year?

A. 1900

B. 1930

C. 1920

D. 1908

47. Joust is related to which sports?

A. Basketball

B. Volleyball

C. Tennis

D. Baseball

48. Indian Independence Act was passed on which date?

A. 16 July 1947

B. 3 June 1946

C. 15 August 1947

D. 14 August 1947

49. Where is the capital of Zimbabwe?

A. Abuja

B. Makati

C. Nairobi

D. Harare

50. Yakshagana is a traditional dance and theatre form of which state?

A. Karnataka

B. Andhra Pradesh

C. Tamil Nadu

D. Maharashtra

51. A girl goes 6 km against the stream and 10 km with the stream at the same time. If the speed of the stream is m/s, then speed of girl in the still water?

A. 2 kmph

B. 3 kmph

C. 4 kmph

D. 6 kmph

52. A man bought two T. V. sets and sold at ₹ 3,75, 000 for each with 20 % profit and 20 % loss. Then how much profit or loss gain by that man?

A. 4 % gain

B. 4 % loss

C. 8 % gain

D. Neither profit nor loss

53. A man runs on a square track of 35 m in length with a speed of 9 kmph. What is the total time taken by him to complete a round of the track?

A. 52 sec

B. 54 sec

C. 56 sec

D. 58 sec

54. A man՚s will has 35 L to be given to his daughters of ages 13 and 16 at the rate of 10 % when they both turn 21. They get the same amount, then what will be the amount that the elder daughter receives?

A. 17 L

B. 20 L

C. 25 L

D. 30 L

55. If 28016 is divided by 412 then the quotient is 68. Then what will the quotient when 28.016 is divided by 0.68?

A. 0.412

B. 41.2

C. 4.12

D. 412

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