AFCAT I 2021 Memory Based Questions and Answer Doorsteptutor. Com Part 9

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77. Odd one out

A. Temperature: Fahrenheit

B. Distance: Meter

C. Newton: Force

D. Luminous: Candela

78. Odd one out

A. Pancreas

B. Pituitary

C. Thalamus

D. Exocrine

79. Odd one out

A. Superior

B. Victory

C. Michigan

D. Nile

80. Odd one out:

A. Kiwi

B. Kangaroo

C. Giant panda

D. Royal Bengal tiger

81. Haemoglobin: red:: Chlorophyll: ?

A. Black

B. Blue

C. Green

D. yellow

82. Water: Oxygen:: Salt: ?

A. Hydrogen

B. Hydrochloric Acid

C. Sodium

D. Chlorine

83. Anthropology: Human Body:: Histology: ?

A. tissues of the body

B. Fungus

C. Algae

D. History

84. Bihu: Assam:: Kathakali: ?

A. Kerala

B. Tamilnadu

C. Andhra Pradesh

D. Karnataka

85. India: Lotus:: Iris: ?

A. Australia

B. Germany

C. Japan

D. France

86. Engine: Car

A. Lense: Microscope

B. Day: Night

C. Picture: Frame

D. Club: Member

87. Newton: force:: Pascal:

A. Work

B. Energy

C. Pressure

D. Weight

88. Cell: Cytology:: Insect: ?

A. Cymology

B. Entomology

C. Phycology

D. Physiognomy

89. The word SHIRT written as FUVEG then PARTY will be written as:





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