AFCAT (II) 2020 (Memory Based) Set I Questions and Answer Doorsteptutor. Com Part 12

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Question 91

Salar Jung museum is located at?

A. Hyderabad

B. Mysore

C. Chennai

D. Bangalore

Question 92

Where is Hawaii Island located?

A. Atlantic Ocean

B. Pacific Ocean

C. Indian Ocean

D. Artic Ocean

Question 93

Separation of Judiciary from the Executive is provided under which Article of the Constitution?

A. Article - 48

B. Article - 49

C. Article - 50

D. Article - 51

Question 94

When was Lord Mountbatten became the Viceroy of India -

A. 1945

B. 1946

C. 1947

D. 1948

Question 95

Chandigarh City was planned by -

A. Edwin Lutyens

B. Herbert Baker

C. Lord Minto

D. Le Corbusier

Question 96

Almaty is the capital of which country -

A. Turkmenistan

B. Armenia

C. Kazakhstan

D. Uzbekistan

Question 97

Which among the following is the north flowing river -?

A. Chambal

B. Narmada

C. Tapi

D. Ganga

Question 98

Which state was the first autonomous republic -?

A. Malla

B. Koshal

C. Magadh

D. Gandhara

Question 99

Which is the best quality iron ore –

A. Siderite

B. Limonite

C. Haematite

D. Magnetite

Question 100

What is the name of the international boundary between China & India?

A. McMahon Line

B. Redcliffe Line

C. Durand Line

D. Line of Control