AFCAT II 2020 Memory Based Set II Questions and Answer Doorsteptutor. Com Part 9

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Question 67

From a point Luxmi and Prashant start walking North at a speed of 20 kmph and South at speed of 30 kmph respectively. Then find the distance between them after 1 hr.

A. 50 km

B. 60 km

C. 10 km

D. 100 km

Question 68

A train covers certain distance in 8 hr. now speed of train is increased by 5 kmph then it takes 6: 40 hr. to cover the same distance. Find the initial speed of train:

A. 15 kmph

B. 18 kmph

C. 20 kmph

D. 25 kmph

Question 69


A. 2325.32

B. 2525.32

C. 2247.57

D. 2547.57

Question 70

Mahesh and Ravi have a 1000 m race. When Ravi crosses 40 m then Mahesh starts the race and defeats Ravi by 16 sec. If Mahesh started the race after 30 sec. then also, he defeats Ravi by 15 sec. Find out the ratio of speed of Mahesh and Ravi:

A. 3: 4

B. 15: 17

C. 21: 23

D. 155: 152

Question 71

If a principle amount 600 become 720 in 4 years. What will be the final amount after 2 % increase in rate of interest for same time:

A. ₹ 568

B. ₹ 648

C. ₹ 696

D. ₹ 768

Question 72

A is twice efficient as B and as C. A, B and C complete the whole work together in 24 days. How many days take A and B to complete the work if they work alternatively:

A. 32 days

B. 48 days

C. 64 days

D. 96 days

Question 73

If . Find the value of x:

A. 0.0222

B. 0.189

C. 0.0166

D. 0.0333

Question 74

A had some money in which he can buy 50 Cadbury and 40 KitKat. If he spends 10 % of the money on petrol and can buy 20 KitKat then how many Cadbury can he buy if the price of 5 Cadbury is equal to the price of 4 KitKat:

A. 15

B. 18

C. 25

D. 65

Question 75

If a car used average of 105 liters petrol per day for 7 month and average of 95 liter per day for 5 month and a bike used average of 96 liter per day for 12 months. Then find the average petrol used per day per vehicle:

A. 98.4

B. 99.2

C. 100.2

D. 97.8

Question 76

Leander Paes is associated with which sports?

A. Football

B. Badminton

C. Tennis

D. Swimming

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