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AIIMS Logical Reasoning Making Judgments 2021 Part 1

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AIIMS 2019 GK & Logical Reasoning Solutions: 25 May Evening Shift (Memory Based)

1. Jenifer is planning a special birthday dinner for her husband՚s 40th birthday. She wants the evening to be memorable, but her husband is a simple man who would rather be in jeans at a baseball game than in a suit at a fancy restaurant. Which restaurant below should Eileen choose?

A. Alfredo՚s offers fine Italian cuisine and an elegant Tuscan decor. Patrons will feel as though they՚ve spent the evening in a luxurious Italian villa

B. Pancho՚s Mexican Buffet is an all-you-can-eat family style smorgasbord with the best tacos in town

C. The Parisian Bistro is a four-star French restaurant where guests are treated like royalty. Chef Dilbert Olay is famous for his beef bourguignon

D. Marty՚s serves delicious, hearty meals in a charming setting reminiscent of a baseball clubhouse in honour of the owner, Marty Lester, a former major league baseball all-star

2. The film director wants an actress for the lead role of Lucy who perfectly fits the description that appears in the original screenplay. He is not willing to consider actresses who do not resemble the character as she is described in the screenplay, no matter how talented they are. The screenplay describes Lucy as an average-sized, forty something redhead, with deep brown eyes, very fair skin, and a brilliant smile. The casting agent has four actresses in mind. Actress #1 is a stunning red-haired beauty who is 5 ‘9 ″ and in her mid-twenties. Her eyes are brown and she has an olive complexion. Actress #2 has red hair, big brown eyes, and a fair complexion. She is in her mid-forties and is 5’ 5 ″ . Actress #3 is 5 ‘4 ″ and of medium build. She has red hair, brown eyes, and is in her early forties. Actress #4 is a blue-eyed redhead in her early thirties. She՚s of very slight build and stands at 5’ .

A. 1,2

B. 2,3

C. 1,4

D. 2,4

3. The school principal has received complaints from parents about bullying in the school yard during recess. He wants to investigate and end this situation as soon as possible, so he has asked the recess aides to watch closely. Which situation should the recess aides report to the principal?

A. A girl is sitting glumly on a bench reading a book and not interacting with her peers.

B. Four girls are surrounding another girl and seem to have possession of her backpack.

C. Two boys are playing a one-on-one game of basketball and are arguing over the last basket scored.

D. Three boys are huddled over a handheld video game, which isn՚t supposed to be on school grounds.

4. Mrs. Carson took a taxi to meet her three friends for lunch. They were waiting for her outside the restaurant when she pulled up in the car. She was so excited to see her friends that she left her tote bag in the taxi. As the taxi pulled away, she and her friends took notice of the license plate number so they would be able to identify the car when they called the taxi company. #1: The four women seem to agree that the plate starts out with the letter J. #2: Three of them agree that the plate ends with 12L. #3: Three of them think that the second letter is X, and a different three think that the third letter is K. The four license plate numbers below represent what each of the four women thinks she saw. Which one is most likely the license plate number of the taxi?

A. JXK 12L

B. JYK 12L

C. JXK 12I

D. JXX 12L

5. Riya, an accomplished pastry chef who is well known for her artistic and exquisite wedding cakes, opened a bakery one year ago and is surprised that business has been so slow. A consultant she hired to conduct market research has reported that the local population doesn՚t think of her shop as one they would visit on a daily basis but rather a place they՚d visit if they were celebrating a special occasion. Which of the following strategies should Rita employ to increase her daily business?

A. making coupons available that entitle the coupon holder to receive a 25 % discount on wedding, anniversary, or birthday cakes

B. exhibiting at the next Bridal Expo and having pieces of one of her wedding cakes available for tasting

C. placing a series of ads in the local newspaper that advertise the wide array of breads

D. moving the bakery to the other side of town

6. Dr. Miller has a busy paediatric dentistry practice and she needs a skilled, reliable hygienist to keep things running smoothly. The last two people she hired were recommended by top dentists in the area, but they each lasted less than one month. She is now in desperate need of a hygienist who can competently handle the specific challenges of her practice. Which one of the following candidates should Dr. Miller consider most seriously?

A. Marilyn has been a hygienist for fifteen years, and her current employer, who is about to retire, says she is the best in the business. The clientele she has worked with consists of some of the wealthiest and most powerful citizens in the county.

B. Lindy recently graduated at the top of her class from one of the best dental hygiene programs in the state. Prior to becoming a dental hygienist, Lindy spent two years working in a day care centre.

C. James has worked as a dental hygienist for three years in a public health clinic. He is very interested in securing a position in a private dental office.

D. Kathy is an experienced and highly recommended dental hygienist who is also finishing up a degree in early childhood education, which she hopes will get her a job as a preschool teacher. She is eager to find a job in a paediatric practice, since she has always wanted to work with children.

7. Mrs. Jansen recently moved to Arizona. She wants to fill her new backyard with flowering plants. Although she is an experienced gardener, she isn՚t very well-versed in what plants will do well in the Arizona climate. Also, there is a big tree in her backyard making for shady conditions and she isn՚t sure what plants will thrive without much direct sunlight. Her favourite gardening catalogue offers several backyard seed packages. Which one should Mrs. Jansen choose?

A. The Rainbow Collection is ideal for North-east gardens. It includes a variety of colourful perennials that thrive in cool, moist conditions.

B. The Greenhouse Collection will blossom year after year if planted in brightly lit locations and watered regularly.

C. The Treehouse Collection will provide lush green plants with delicate colourful flowers that thrive in shady and partially shady locations.

D. The Oasis Collection includes a variety of perennials that thrive in dry climates and bright sunlight.

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