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AIIMS Logical Reasoning Theme Detection 2022 Part 1

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AIIMS 2019: Logical Reasoning - Quick Tricks (Types of Questions)

1. The attainment of individual and organisational goals is mutually interdependent and linked by a common denominator - employee work motivation. Organisational members are motivated to satisfy their personal goals, and they contribute their efforts to the attainment of organisational objectives as means of achieving these personal goals. The passage best supports the statement that motivation -

A. encourages an individual to give priority to personal goals over organisational goals.

B. is crucial for the survival of an individual and organisation.

C. is the product of an individual՚s physical and mental energy.

D. is the external force which induces an individual to contribute his efforts.

2. Due to enormous profits involved in smuggling, hundreds of persons have been attracted towards this anti-national activity. Some of them became millionaires overnight. India has a vast coastline both on the Eastern and Western Coast. It has been a heaven for smugglers who have been carrying on their activities with great impunity. There is no doubt, that from time to time certain seizures were made by the enforcement authorities, during raids and ambush but even allowing these losses the smugglers made huge profits. The passage best supports the statement that

A. smuggling hampers the economic development of a nation.

B. smuggling ought to be curbed.

C. authorities are taking strict measures to curb smuggling.

D. smuggling is fast increasing in our country owing to the quick profit it entails.

3. Though the waste of time or the expenditure on fashions is very large, yet fashions have come to stay. They will not go, come what may. However, what is now required is that strong efforts should be made to displace the excessive craze for fashion from the minds of these youngsters. The passage best supports the statement that:

A. fashion is the need of the day.

B. the excessive craze for fashion is detrimental to one՚s personality.

the hoard for fashion should be done away with so as not to let down the

C. constructive development.

D. work and other activities should be valued more than the outward appearance.

4. One of the important humanitarian by-products of technology is the greater dignity and value that it imparts to human labour. In a highly industrialized society, there is no essential difference between Brahmin and Dalit, Muslim and Hindu; they are equally useful and hence equally valuable for in the industrial society individual productivity fixes the size of the pay cheque and this fixes social status. The passage best supports the statement that:

A. technology decides individual՚s social status.

B. castes and religions are man-made.

C. human labour has dignity and value.

D. all individuals, irrespective of caste and creed, are born equal.

5. The future of women in India is quite bright and let us hope that they will justify their abilities by rising to the occasion. Napoleon was right when he declared that by educating the women we can educate the whole nation. Because a country can never rise without the contribution of 50 % of their population. The passage best supports the statement that:

A. India is striving hard for the emancipation of women.

B. all women should be well educated.

C. a nation can progress only when women are given equal rights and opportunities as men.

D. women ought to be imparted full freedom to prove their worth and contribute to the progress of the nation.

6. The prevention of accidents makes it necessary not only that safety devices be used to guard exposed machinery but also that mechanics be instructed in safety rules which they must follow for their own protection, and that lighting in the plant be adequate. The passage best supports the statement that industrial accidents -

A. are always avoidable;

B. may be due to ignorance.

C. cannot be entirely overcome.

D. can be eliminated with the help of safety rules.

7. To forgive an injury is often considered to be a sign of weakness; it is really a sign of strength. It is easy to allow oneself to be carried away by resentment and hate into an act of vengeance; but it takes a strong character to restrain those natural passions. The man who forgives an injury proves himself to be the superior of the man who wronged himself and puts the wrong-doer to shame. The passage best supports՚ the statement that:

A. the sufferer alone knows the intensity of his sufferings.

B. people tend to forgive the things happened in the past.

C. natural passions are difficult to suppress.

D. mercy is the noblest form of revenge.

8. Industrial exhibitions play a major role in a country՚s economy. Such exhibitions, now regularly held in Delhi, enable us to measure the extent of our own less advanced industrial progress and the mighty industrial power and progress of countries like the U. K. , U. S. A. and Russia whose pavilions are the centres of the greatest attention and attractions. The passage best supports the statement that industrial exhibitions -

A. greatly tax the poor economies.

B. are more useful for the developed countries like U. S. A. whose products stand out superior to those of the developing countries.

C. are not of much use to the countries who are industrially backward.

D. boost up production qualitatively and quantitatively by analytical comparison of a country՚s products with those of the developed countries.