Zoology Practice MCQs (Most Important and Expected Questions) AIIMS Set 13

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Q.10 The neck of a camel has vertebras:

a) 14b) 9c) 7d) 20e) none of these

Answer: C

Q.11 Spiders are Arachnids and they have legs

a) 6b) 8c) 9d) none of these

Answer: B

Q.12 Gill slits in chordates are present in

a) mouthb) pharynxc) oesophagusd) All of these

Answer: B

Q.13 Birds are flying and have ovaries

a) one on right sideb) both on right and left sidec) one on any sided) one on left side

Answer: D

Q.14 Adult echinoderm has symmetry

a) Bilateralb) radialc) both a and bd) none of these

Answer: B

Q.15 The typical characters of all mammals is

a) mammary glandsb) brainc) haird) All of these

Answer: D

Q.16 Mouth in shark is located

a) dorsalb) ventralc) anterior endd) none of these

Answer: B

Q.17 The number of ribs in frog are

a) 4b) 6c) 8d) none of these

Answer: D

Q.18 Earth worm are dissected from side

a) Dorsalb) ventralc) both a and bd) lateral

Answer: A

Q.19 Duck billed platypus is a

a) Birdb) placental mammalc) monotremed) Marsupial

Answer: C

Q.20 Silver fish is a member of

a) piscesb) insectsc) echinodermatad) none of these

Answer: B

Q.1 The chemical composition of a chromosome is :

a) lipoproteinb) polysaccharidec) nucleoproteind) None of these

Answer: C

Q.2 Lysosomes are responsible for:

a) Proteinb) ATP formationc) intracellular breakdownd) None of these

Answer: C

Q.3 Ribosomes are located on:

a) cell membraneb) rough endoplasmic reticulumc) mitochondriad) nuclear membranee) None of these

Answer: B