Zoology Practice MCQs (Most Important and Expected Questions) AIIMS Set 14

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Q.4 The metaphase chromosomes are thick because these

a) multiplyb) duplicatec) coiled coilingd) none of these

Answer: C

Q.5 Glycolysis occur in

a) cytoplasmb) mitochondriac) cell membraned) all of these

Answer: A

Q.6 Nerves convey the message in the form of

a) physical impulseb) chemical impulsec) electrical impulsed) none of these

Answer: C

Q.7 Follicle stimulating hormone is produced in:

a) ovaryb) pituitaryc) hypothalamusd) all of these

Answer: B

Q.8 The primary excretory product is

a) Ammoniab) Carbon dioxidec) feacesd) none of these

Answer: A

Q.9 Pepsin is responsible for digestion of:

a) carbohydrateb) lipidc) proteind) all of these

Answer: C

Q.10 XXY individual in men is phenotypically

a) maleb) femalec) intersexd) none of these

Answer: A

Q.11 Sex linked genes are located on :

a) only on X chromosomeb) only on Y chromosomec) sex chromosomed) All of these

Answer: A

Q.12 Mendelian segregation is applicable to :

a) gametogenesisb) meiosisc) spore formationd) none of these

Answer: A

13. the number of the alleles of a gene in a diploid individual is:

a) any numberb) onec) twod) three

Asnwer: B

Q.14 The gene mapping is measured in:

a) Millimetersb) micronsc) Angstromd) centimorgans


Q.15 Genetic dominance concerns with the phenotypic expression in:

a) heterozygousb) homozygousc) both a and bd) none of these

Answer: A

Q.16 The first living organism was

a) Algal cell

b) virus

c) bacteria

d) none of these

Answer: C

Q.17 Enzymes are chemically

a) carbohydratesb) lipidsc) lipoproteinsd) proteins

Answer: D