Zoology Practice MCQs (Most Important and Expected Questions) AIIMS Set 4

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Q.19 Who gave laws of segregation and Dominance?

(a) Mendel(b) Morgan(c) Darwin(d) Muller(e) None of these

Answer: A

Q.20 Adrenal glands are found in close association with:

(a) Testes

(b) Spleen

(c) Liver

(d) Ovaries

(e) None of these


Q.1 The mode of nutrition in AMOEBA is:

(a) Holozoic(b) Saprozoic(c) Saprophytic(d) None of these

Answer: A

Q.2 The coelom in PLATYHELMINTHYES is:

(a) Pseudocoele(b) Haemocoele(c) Metacoele(d) None of these

Answer: A

Q.3 EXCRETORY organs in earthworms are:

(a) Nephron(b) Flame cells(c) Malpighian Tubules(d) Nephridia

Answer: D

Q.4 Foot is used as an organ of locomotion in which of the following animals?

(a) Freshwater mussel(b) Octupus(c) Sepia(d) None of these

Answer: A

Q.5 Which group of animals out of the following is DIPLOBLASTIC?

(a) Platyhelminthes(b) Echinodermata(c) Coelenterata(d) None of these

Answer: C

Q.6 Which of the following has the maximum of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in the ventricle of its heart?

(a) Fish(b) Frog(c) Crocodile(d) None of these

Answer: B

Q.7 Reptiles are:

(a) Oviparous(b) Viviparous(c) Ovo-viviparous(d) None of these

Answer: A

Q.8 The urea formation in mammals takes place in:

(a) Kidneys(b) Spleen(c) Liver(d) None of these

Answer: C

Q.9 Vertebrates in which placenta is formed during the development of fetus are:

(a) Reptiles(b) Aves(c) Mammals(d) None of these

Answer: C

Q.10 Lymph most closely resembles with:

(a) Plasma(b) Interstitial fluid(c) Blood(d) None of these