Zoology Practice MCQs (Most Important and Expected Questions) AIIMS Set 8

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Q.1 The main division of the chromosomes occurs in:

(a) Prophase(b) Metaphase(c) Anaphase(d) Jelophase(e) None of these

Answer: C

Q.2 The protein synthesis occurs in:

(a) Mitochondria(b) Endoplasmic reticulum(c) Ribosomes(d) Acrosome(e) None of these

Answer: C

Q.3 Blood antigens are present in:

(a) Blood serum(b) RBC’s(c) WBC‟s(d) Platelets(e) None of these

Answer: B

Q.4 Sex linked genes are the genes located on:

(a) X-chromosome only(b) Y-chromosome only(c) Both X and Y-chromosomes(d) X or Y-chromosomes(e) None of these

Answer: A

Q.5 Transcription is the phenomenon associated with:

(a) Synthesis of new DNA(b) Formation of mRNA and DNA(c) Formation of tRNA(d) None of these

Asnwer: D

Q.6 Segregation of alleles of a gene occurs in:

(a) Diploid individual(b) Homozygous individual(c) Heterozygous individual(d) All of the above(e) None of these

Answer: A

Q.7 Sodium-Potassium pump is located in:

(a) Liver(b) Heart Cell(c) Nerve cell(d) All of the above(e) None of these

Answer: D

Q.8 Pepsin is an enzyme responsible for breaking:

(a) Proteins(b) Lipids(c) Fats(d) None of these

Answer: A

Q.9 Pace maker is located in:

(a) Liver(b) Brain(c) Heart(d) Muscle

Answer: C

Q.10 Follicle stimulating hormones are produced in:

(a) Pituitary(b) Ovaries(c) Thyroid(d) Kidney(e) None of these

Answer: A

Q.11 Genetic dominance is strongly associated with:

(a) Personality dominance(b) Adaptive value(c) Population distribution(d) None of these

Answer: C

Q.12 Crossing over is the physical exchange between chromosomes.

(a) Homologous(b) Non-Homologous(c) Both (a) and (b)(d) None of these

Answer: A

Q.13 XXY individual in man is phenotypically a:

(a) Male(b) Female(c) Inter sex(d) None of these

Answer: A