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AIIMS MBBS 2018 Higher Questions and Answers with Solutions Part 11

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Q: 96. Which of the following is true for given diagram?

Hbs Peptide

Title:- Q-96-Image of Hbs Peptide

Description: Q-96- Image of Hbs Peptide




(4) It is caused due to bacteria

Ans. (3)

97. Glycolysis is

(1) Anaerobic

(2) Aerobic

(3) Anaerobic and Aerobic both

(4) None

Ans. (1)

Q: 98. Interphone divides into


(2) Mitosis

(3) Prophase, metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase

(4) Cytokinesis

Ans. (1)

Q: 99. Turner syndrome is due to

(1) Loss of X chromosome

(2) Loss of any chromosome

(3) It is due to trisomy in 21st pair

(4) None

Ans. (1)

Q: 100. In the Diagram given figure of Lac operon

Lac Operon

Title:- Q-100-Image of Lac Operon

Description: Q-100-Image of Lac Operon





Ans. (1)

Q: 101. Match the column

Match the Column
Match the Column
(1)(I) 1(II) 2(III) 3(IV) 4
(2)(I) 2(II) 3(III) 1(IV) 4
(3)(I) 4(II) 2(III) 1(IV) 1
(4)(I) 3(II) 2(III) 1(IV) 4

Ans. (3)

Q: 102. Match the Column-I & Column-II

Match the Column-I & Column-II
(I)AAlcoholic dehydrogenase
(IV)DPEP carboxylase

Title:- Q-92-Table of Match the Column I-&-II

Description: Q-92-Table of Match the Column I-&-II

Match the Column
(1)(I) B(II) D(III) C(IV) A
(2)(I) B(II) A(III) D(IV) C
(3)(I) D(II) B(III) A(IV) C
(4)(I) B(II) D(III) A(IV) C

Title:- Q-102-Table of Match the Column

Description: Q-102-Table of Match the Column

Ans. (4)

Q: 103. Which of the following is not related with electrostatic precipitator and scrubber?

(1) Particulate matter is removed by it

(2) SO2

(3) Vapours containing mercury

(4) Oxides of nitrogen

Ans. (3)

Q: 104. Which of the following is codons codes for praline?





Ans. (1)

Q: 105. Ploidy level of Nucellus, endosperm, polar nuclei, Megaspore mother cell, and female gametophyte respectively are

(1) 2n, 3n, n, 2n, n

(2) 2n, 3n, 2n, n, n

(3) n, 2n, n, 2n, n

(4) 2n, 3n, 2n, 2n, n

Ans. (1)

Q: 106. Which of the following statement is wrong about Abscisic acid?

(1) It helps in general plant metabolism

(2) It is antagonistic to

(3) It helps in seed maturation & dormancy

(4) Morphogenesis

Ans. (1)

Q: 107. Which of the following are nitrogen fixing algae?

(1) Nostoc, Anabaena, Oscillatory

(2) Azolla, Anabaenra, Azotobactes

(3) Oscillatory, Anabaena, Azolla

(4) Azolla, Nostoc, Oscillatory

Ans. (1)

Q: 108


Title:- Q-108-Image of Floral

Description: Q-108-Image of Floral

The above floral diagram shows the floral formula





Ans. (2)

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